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Dale Broman

Above all: design for people, not other designers. Be real. Be honest. Be genuine. No one else except other designers and artists will really understand the "abstract whiz-bang jargon" anyway.

I love what I do, have fun doing it, and always passionately strive to design to the fullest. Tackling new problems that challenge creativity yields a result to stand-out above the rest. 'Why design out of the ordinary?' Because I can. Go instead where there is no path and create one.

Being the one to do things differently or unconventionally is what makes me unique as a designer. Not following the trends of the day has been an mindset that has been with me my whole life. A lot of other designers - and I mean a LOT of them - create logos and brands that are only skin-deep just to get paid. That's all good and whatnot, but my biggest critic is myself and am constantly asking if a logo I make is really the best solution, the answer to an identity, or a comprehensive visual representation. Make something timeless and do it well.


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