About logopond (lilypad)

About Logopond

Logopond is an inspirational site & showcase of identity work from designers of varying abilities all across the world. We seek to inspire and improve the talents of our design family through shared knowledge and helpful experiences.

Logopond was founded in 2006 and remains one of the largest free showcase niche sites of identity design. It's extensive library of uploaded work is the go to resource for logos.

Logopond is not a direct sales site or clipart site, the copyrights of all works are held by the individual designers and they should be contacted with questions of usage.

Rules of Engagement

1. Only upload work that is your own

Don't post or take credit for other peoples work, Not only is that not cool, its a good way to get youyr account banned, the old matra of treat others how you want to be threated. In other words, don't steal. Please do not upload projects related to non-creative services or products that you are selling.

2. Don't post inappropriate content

If you would feel ashamed to show it to your mother, then don't post it here. We have people of all ages and backgrounds here. Any gray areas will be at the discretion of our moderators. You can help us keep Logopond clean, report any abuse using the buttons provided or contact us directly: managment.

3. Give credit where is due

Look, theres's nothing wrong with being inspired, thats what this site is set up for, for you to be inspired by others work. We work in a field where inspiration is our 'daily bread'. Giving proper credit goes a long way to show other designers that you are not trying to steal their work. We take copyright infringment very seriously and if you feel you have been infringed upon, don't hesite to reach out.

4. Conduct yourself appropriately

Uploading your work for all to see and criticise can be a very daunting endeavor, please be respectful of the other designers who open themselves up. You can give constructive critism without being negative. Ask yourself how you would feel hering your own words said back to you and comment accordingly.

Not following these guidelines can result in the suspension or deletion of your account without prior notice.

Style Guide

You want to show off your work and we want to help you do just that. However - Logopond our company name, so we have to be mindful of how its used outside of this site. Don’t use any of our branding, the word "Logopond" in any website or app you create. Only use our brand in redirecting people to logopond.