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Real Name: Unknown

Occupation: Freelance artist and designer, adventurer

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Norwegian citizen with no criminal record

Former Aliases: None

Place of Birth: Unknown

Base of Operation: Oslo

Illustrator. Artis. AD. Designer. Driven by passion and homed by training, the superhero known as THE ACTION-DESIGNER designs for hire, designs for thrills ...and leaves visual marks in his wake! Although he possesses no superhuman abilities, THE ACTION-DESIGNER is a consummate practitioner of the visual arts. He is a master of the skills of Adobe product line. THE ACTION-DESIGNER wields his Wacom Graphics Tablet with great precision. Also, he is profident in the use of various visual-arts weaponry such as pens, markers and brushes.
He also relies on his portable MAC POWER PACK that gives power to his gear and stores valuable data


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