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by cream5 • Uploaded: Jul. 23 '12
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Description: This is for a Wind Energy corporation that's revamping their logo. Client purely wanted an "intelligent" design and minimalism. the concept lies behind the "i" missing something.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ClimaxDesigns said on Aug. 02 '12

really nice solution for this!

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

Thank you climax! I was beginning to think the design was too obscure and nobody got it. My client however has liked it and they've finalised it.

szende said on Aug. 02 '12

(: lovely, like the simple version

alterego said on Aug. 02 '12

This is brilliant !

Type and signs said on Aug. 02 '12

great !

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

thanks TAS, szende, alterego !

ancitis said on Aug. 02 '12

Funny and very well executed concept! Great.

zt said on Aug. 02 '12

great idea

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

thanks guys! thanks for the floats!

PerfectBlue said on Aug. 02 '12

Strong concept. Great work! :)

nydesign said on Aug. 02 '12

thank you perfect!

ColinTierney said on Aug. 02 '12


EazyJakeOven said on Aug. 02 '12

Very nice!

tickey said on Aug. 02 '12


atomicvibe said on Aug. 13 '12

Pretty brilliant in its clever simplicity. Nicely done.

One thing though, I know you feel like you need the dimensionality, but honestly, that little highlight on the I dot is unnecessary in this design. You've done a really excellent job of conveying an idea in the most simplest of ways; IMO that highlight detracts a bit from that beautiful simplicity.

okcancel said on Aug. 13 '12

So sweet! I like it very much.

nydesign said on Aug. 13 '12

thanks colin, jake, ticket, jon, okcancel.
Jon: thanks for the critique! I completely and totally agree. I'm not sure why i added that.

ejefferi said on Aug. 17 '12

Awesome idea!

nydesign said on Aug. 20 '12

well thanyou ejefferi!

nydesign said on Aug. 20 '12

lol david i see a FDGSGDGSD from you in the comments.

ClimaxDesigns said on Aug. 20 '12

i was just testing the comments

nydesign said on Aug. 20 '12

Oh okay david. cool:D

cleber said on Aug. 28 '12

I like it. Very clever.

nydesign said on Aug. 30 '12

thanks cleber

dbunk said on Sep. 05 '12

Wind blowing... inverse W!

johndervishi said on Nov. 03 '12

great idea :)

Husac said on Jan. 23 '13

Lovely idea!

quackcom said on Nov. 25 '13


Made me think of this video%u2026

borinagge said on Jan. 30 '14

It blew me away!

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