by Fogra • Uploaded: Mar. 07 '12
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Description: Logo for South Africa based software firm.

As seen on: www.snapt-ui.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: gradientgreen3Dssnapt

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ColinTierney said on Mar. 07 '12

i like it here too, sean.

fogra said on Mar. 07 '12

Thanks, Colin :)

Paulius Kairevicius said on Mar. 07 '12

Great mark! Like it :)

milou said on Mar. 07 '12

They go well together, Sean.

natuphoricxxx said on Mar. 07 '12

Flows really well, and perfect execution!

Jedah Doma said on Mar. 07 '12

Very nice lines and the perspective is spot on. Kudos!

crislabno said on Mar. 07 '12

where have you been my friend! :D

Type and Signs said on Mar. 07 '12

big shot !!

fogra said on Mar. 08 '12

Thanks everyone!
@cris: I'm still around - can't get rid of me yet ;)

Design Share Blog said on Mar. 08 '12


designabot said on Mar. 08 '12

Looks fantastic mate! Really inspirational

muse7 said on Mar. 08 '12

Type and mark are a perfect match - well played!

pjmaster said on Mar. 08 '12

I'm happy how it turned out!

garychew1984 said on Mar. 08 '12

very nice mark and great color.

ocularink said on Mar. 08 '12

Front page material fo sho!

fogra said on Mar. 08 '12

Overwhelmed, cheers again!

effendy said on Mar. 08 '12

WOW! Congratz on the gallery spot my man :)

fogra said on Mar. 08 '12

Thanks, Ali. It's a great honour :)

firebrand said on Mar. 09 '12

Great watching this one take shape Sean.

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 09 '12

Great stuff, Sean.

fogra said on Mar. 09 '12

Thanks, Roy and Sean. I'm happy about how it turned out in the finish.

charcoal said on Mar. 13 '12

Really liking this - nice work

davishama said on Mar. 17 '12

You did great here!

emuhsin said on Apr. 01 '12

excellent color matches
i like it, great jobs fogra...!

acmark said on Apr. 30 '12

love this..great work!

bettosk8 said on Jan. 15 '13


da insane said on Feb. 20 '13

Very nice, man.

fogra said on Feb. 20 '13

Thanks Da :)

mcdseven said on Feb. 20 '13

great work sean.

vickiedenicola said on Jun. 02 '14

are you still open for client work ?

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