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Milosz Klimek

Branding / Defense of Aesthetics.

Hello, I'm a logo / corporate identity & typography designer from Poland. Meeting client expectations since *2007. I graduated from specialization in Graphic, Design & Multimedia *2011. Nowadays I run small branding studio called Undefined Space, and I'm always looking for nice people to work with.
My works were published for instance in Logolounge (with one of the highest rated logos for 7th volume) or Los Logos 6 (published by Gestalten) and Logonest (with logo of the month award). My projects were also featured in a few well-known places around the web (besides Logopond) for example on Branding Served (curated by Behance) and Abduzeedo.
Say hello to me via e-mail and we will discuss your project, or have a chat. See you.
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