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Description: Logomark sans type. I define ATOMICvibe as the "a-HA!" moment of clarity in the creative process. Like nuclear fusion, it's when tiny ideas coalesce, and then explode into beautiful design. The logo visually depicts this creative reaction. Forming abstract A & V shapes, the converging hands cradle the tiny beginnings of a big idea, fusing them until they discharge a shockwave of creativity. The custom type, designed to perfectly integrate with the mark, is meant to symbolize electron paths. Heavily inspired by retro imagery from the Atomic Age: science, the Space Race, Sputnik, the iconic George Nelson Ball Clock.
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Lets Discuss

atomicvibe Jul. 14 '11

Really appreciate the floats, everyone!

JF Jul. 20 '11

As much as I like this icon as-is, I really, really, REALLY love the version of it that you have in your avatar here. The shorter radiance lines coming from the hexagonal atom draws attention to the center of the design, rather than out and far away. Also, weirdly enough, I never quite saw the hands in the design%3B they really stand out with the %22shorter radiance lines%22 version.

atomicvibe Jul. 20 '11

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, JF. Honestly, the radiance lines drawing you from the center outward is the desired effect. The concept is that the hands are cradling the sub-atomic beginnings of a big idea, fusing them together, resulting in the outward explosion of creativity. Also, a big source of inspiration for the overall shape is Sputnik, so having those lines extend out like that reinforces the shape. However, the version with the shorter lines IS more convenient for avatars, and would be better for stickers and such, so I may use it as a secondary mark. But for now, the mark will have to stay as it is, since I've just spent a lot of %24%24 on very custom letterpressed bizcards:

ColinTierney Aug. 03 '11

my fellow baltimorean, great self branding here! i can tell you put a lot of thought behind this.

andrewrose Aug. 04 '11

Killer mark mate. I think some nice simple type could compliment this nicely.

atomicvibe Aug. 04 '11

Thanks Colin and Andrew! I really appreciate the kind words and floats :) And Colin, I should slap you. It's BaltiMORON. You should know better. Turn in your HON card immediately!

ColinTierney Aug. 04 '11

i thought baltimoron is more about dialect and accents and baltimorean is all about the residency. ahh well...tomayto, tomahto?

atomicvibe Aug. 04 '11

Well, I think *technically* %22Baltimoron%22 does refer to natives who have that ungodly %22Merrlyn%22 twang in their accent, but I've come to accept it as a badge of honor (or Scarlet Letter?) for all of us.

oski Sep. 30 '11

Really distinctive mark! Great stuff Jon.

atomicvibe Oct. 06 '11

Thanks again, Radek! I appreciate you checking this one out.

Communication Agency Oct. 01 '12

Congrats!! Love YOUR STUDIES and RESEARCH!!

nickhood Oct. 01 '12

Congrats! You do great work.

chanpion Oct. 01 '12

Just for your invaluable critiques and sharing your thorough research in your projects, you should be featured twice!

The worst designer in the world hands down ;-p

nitish.b Oct. 01 '12

great stuff all around buddy...Congrats!

javaap Oct. 02 '12

Congrats man! well deserved :)

wizemark Oct. 03 '12

Clap, clap. Well deserved, man.

ancitis Oct. 19 '12

Congratulations, Jon! Very, very well deserved. :))

nydesign Oct. 22 '12

I didnt know where else to congratulate so im gonna post it here like everyone else. Nice work and congratulations on being featured!

SecondEight Mar. 05 '17

Hey John i left you a message on your website. Can you check it.
Thank you


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