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by atomicvibe • Uploaded: Apr. 24 '12 - Gallerized: Apr. '12


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Description: Chosen logo proposal for a baking blog, curated by a passionate baker who loves spoiling people with her delicious treats. Desired tone: Creative, quirky, joyful, homemade, comforting, approachable, feminine, playful, optimistic, and loving. Creative considerations: Client likes asymmetry and clever logos; loves color, but wants logo to reduce easily to black & white; loves swashy, swirly fonts rich with movement. Rationale: Much more than just a logo, this illustrative concept delivers a comprehensive visual language through the collective assemblage of unified, supporting graphic elements. Inspired by the cheerful, wholesome image of a '50s-era American housewife happily baking in the kitchen, this option perfectly aligns with the majority of touchpoints raised in the creative brief. This versatile concept employs a main mark (shown) and several secondary marks that all share the same aesthetic properties. More information & images: Full case study:
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Status: Work in progress
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Lets Discuss

atomicvibe Apr. 24 '12

^Heh, I hope that means you like it...

hanka300 Apr. 24 '12

It´s amazing, love the illustration:)!

Mikeymike Apr. 24 '12

really love how she turned out. Fun, friendly and such a nice look of the 50's and 60's. sweet.

Atomicvibe Apr. 24 '12

Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the great feedback, and it's great to see this in the Gallery. Thank you for that!

David, yes, this was the chosen design, but I'm currently negotiating with my client on requested changes to colors and the typeface used on the secondary marks (the character's head & word bubble and the cookie-letters monogram, both shown in the Behance case study).

gopsokla Apr. 24 '12

she looks cute. Nice one.

dotflo Apr. 24 '12

great character Jon, love what you did on this project!

Vergad Apr. 25 '12

Float. Fav. You da man! Stoked to hear she went this version

campfire Apr. 25 '12

This is fantastic! You have an amazing style.

marinadiamond Apr. 25 '12

This will make a great logo for my grandma's cookies. Where do you get inspired? Seems very hard to do. I found lately a website called Someone from here told me about it, I think you should upload your work there. Nice job anyway, congrats!

antoonj Apr. 25 '12

Jaw dropping work here, as per always. Gotta get a script to automatically float and fav all your work ;D

Where do you buy the dotted paper you use in your case study btw? I've been trying to get me some of that but i can't find it anywhere :/

designer Apr. 25 '12

Such perfect logo! nice done.

atomicvibe Apr. 25 '12

WHOA! Boy, I sure am feeling the love on this one. Sam, Julia, Ngodup, Florin, Sabb, Matt, David, Thierry, Marina, Anton, Designer, you guys rule! Thank you so much for taking the time to check this one out. I appreciate all your support.

@Ngodup, I LOVE your avatar, by the way!

@Matt, yep, me too :D She was on the fence between this one and my script version: but seemed to be leaning heavily toward Housewife, here. Glad she chose this direction, as it will definitely make her branding stand out amongst the baking crowd.

@David, I really and truly appreciate that very warm comment. Thank you.

@Marina, if you look at my Behance case study (linked above), you'll see how I get my inspiration. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Yes, I'm inspired by visuals (obviously), but I am also inspired heavily by music, travel, and food. Just taking a walk outside on a beautiful Spring day can fill one with inspiration.

@Anton, really appreciate the sincere comments, man! As for the paper, there are dot grid notebooks out there, and the go-to one seems to be one that's sold through Behance:

However, I've heard several complaints about the book, one of which is that the grid doesn't seem to align with any naturally-occurring system of measurement. When I use a dot grid sheet, I want to be able to scan it at 100%, and then place it in Illustrator on top of my grid, and easily be able to recreate my shapes.

So, my solution? Make my own dot grid sheets. Basically, I just created an 8.5" x 11" sheet in Illustrator, set it up with a U.S.-based grid with gridlines at every 1/8", and pasted small gray dots at each 1/8".

From there, I can print as many sheets as I need, or, I can copy and paste the dots into a PSD file, and use it as a background to enhance the "sketchbook" feeling of my sketches - even if I didn't happen to use a dot grid sketchbook when I originally sketched them.

Hope that helps.

square69 Apr. 25 '12

This is a seriously nice piece of work. It was a pleasure looking through your case study.

Hayes Image Apr. 25 '12

She's finally up!!! Came out fantastic!!! I think my favorite part is the amount of depth in the type, the way it looks like it has 'risen' is the oven, especially the D - the faux 3d appearence is an amzing touch.

logomotive Apr. 25 '12

DAM! Nice work,...what a case study too, I'm tired just looking.:)

atomicvibe Apr. 25 '12

Ian, Josh, Mikey, thanks for your wonderful feedback!

@Josh, totally appreciate your eyes on all this stuff during development.

GreenInkStudio Apr. 27 '12

My fave one too, Jon. I hope the blog site design will be supportive too ;-)

antoonj Apr. 27 '12

@atomicvibe, ty, I actually thought of making it myself since i've been rooting around every damn paper/book shop in all of Sweden with no result! But now I will just make my own! :D

Please keep up your work and case studies, they are very inspirational.

Atomicvibe Apr. 27 '12

Carlos, Inka, Anton, thank you all so much for your feedback!

@Inka, I actually think my client wants me to help her find a web designer who can faithfully carry out my creative vision. So yes, I do believe the blog will be completely supportive. :D

atomicvibe May. 15 '12

Really appreciate the kind words, Jovan!

nydesign Aug. 16 '12

heh this is really nice.

hanuman shakti Oct. 20 '12

sorry buddy...missed this one :) love it of course!


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