by Alisa1711 • Uploaded: Jun. 02 '11
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Description: Logo for travel agency

As seen on: my portfolio on revision.ru

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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vergad said on Jun. 02 '11

lovely lovely lovely

sbdesign said on Jun. 02 '11

yes, yes,yes:)

lumavine said on Jun. 02 '11

Wow this is so fantastic!

ColinTierney said on Jun. 02 '11


deree said on Jun. 03 '11

love the details :)

lecart said on Jun. 03 '11

Beautiful work! Alisa is the only user on Logopond who spotted every single different logo she submitted.

andreiu said on Jun. 03 '11

Very nice work! Congrats Alisa.

milou said on Jun. 03 '11

Great work, really great.

SOdesign said on Jun. 03 '11


sbdesign said on Jun. 03 '11

^ I forshteven' ne nujen:)))

artdemix said on Jun. 03 '11

nujen! ))

ru_ferret said on Jun. 03 '11

Beautiful waves! :)

icono_design said on Jun. 03 '11


hananab said on Jun. 03 '11

beautiful work!

vorox said on Jun. 03 '11

amazing work

cpuentes23 said on Jun. 03 '11

Really great!

Sean Heisler said on Jun. 03 '11

Fantastic work! Love the style, well done.

Petro said on Jun. 03 '11

I like this logo very, very much! Very good work! Congrats!

LadyGrey said on Jun. 03 '11

Alisa, vi ne perestaete priyatno udivlyat!

folkypaul said on Jun. 03 '11

Eto prekrasno!

orvn said on Jun. 03 '11

Exceptional! Lovely waves and clouds.

dibinghi said on Jun. 04 '11

Elegant Logo. Thumbs Up :)

logoyeah said on Jun. 05 '11

awesome design! congrats... maybe the text below.. too small?

epicantus said on Jun. 08 '11

Prekrasnaya rabota!

Alisa1711 said on Jun. 09 '11

Thanks to all :-)

wiking said on Jun. 09 '11


logoboom said on Jun. 09 '11

mmmmmme like

impodster said on Jun. 10 '11

just plain beautiful -

thomasdov said on Jun. 11 '11

So beautiful

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 25 '11

damn good illu....faved!:)

cnasshan said on Aug. 25 '11

Indeed. This is fantastic!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 25 '11

HOLY CRAP, this is amazing!! Really excellent work, Alisa!

BuroBlauwBrug said on Sep. 24 '11

very nice! even though i can't read it hehe really like it

salamandrin said on Aug. 08 '12

Krasivo. Tol'ko deskriptor sovsem ne chitaetsya.

ghanyleo said on Dec. 21 '12

faved :D

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