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Hey, my name is Peter and I live in beautiful city called Olsztyn, Poland. I do graphic design because I love it, simple as that. I'm a designer out of passion and journalist, specialized in business public relations, by university degree. Right now I'm running a small, single person studio called Offkreativa. I don't want to write nothing usual, because we, designers, all care about our clients and quality of our work - I'm sure You already know that. It describes me also. I'm here to show some of my past, recent and, hopefully, future works. Maybe someone will find it inspiring, maybe someone will like it. I personally don't think they are something ground breaking, because I'm still learning this magnificent skill which logo design surely is. If someone is still here with me - please, accept my greetings and have a nice view :-)


If You're interested in contact - just send me an e-mail: [email protected]


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