by HayesImage • Uploaded: Oct. 25 '08

Description: For a meteorology/topography company...The mark is based on the basic form of a crown whilst the colour scheme is derived from temperture markings & terrain codes.

Collab with Jeynelle Dean.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: ResolutionPhotographyBlackBlueViolet

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Hayes Image said on Oct. 27 '08

Cheers for the floats all :)

Does the type show up o.k on everyone's screen?

gyui said on Oct. 27 '08

the type is a little faint. if you are putting it on a black background, why not knockout the type?

The crown is somewhat hard to see, I wouldn't have known it was a crown unless I read your description.

Hayes Image said on Oct. 27 '08

Cheers George :) Yeah I was a little concerned about that, all of the screens & prints I've checked have been fine...just wanted to make sure. The type treatment is a work in progress, but their only 'hang-up' was to keep it dark.

I really wanted to keep the crown form a little ambiguous so it can allow the viewer to visualise other forms :)

THEArtistT said on Feb. 26 '09

I'm not sure I like the combination of four pointed stars with the circles. maybe change out some of the top circles to stars? I would make them all circles or all stars myself. if you increased the text just a little, that would make it easier to read. or a bit lighter of a gray tone would do the same. I understand them wanting to keep it dark.

Hayes Image said on Mar. 03 '09

Thanks for the comments!!

Yeah type treatment was a challenge on this one, I would've preferred a little more breathing room in the kerning...but, this is what they signed off on.

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