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by Fogra • Uploaded: Feb. 02 '12
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Description: Web design agency based in Belgium.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: webcolorcolourpeacock

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Lecart said on Feb. 03 '12

Not a fan of the type layout and style, but the mark is awesome.

hyperborea said on Feb. 03 '12

I kinda like it all :)

fogra said on Feb. 04 '12

Thanks. I know the type isn't everybody's cup of tea :)

api said on Feb. 04 '12

great style!

action said on Feb. 04 '12

Mark is awesome! Love it

milou said on Feb. 04 '12

Superb work amigo. Coloring is perfect.

Art Machine said on Feb. 04 '12

Yes, that mark is gorgeous. The type is probably drawing too much attention away from the mark. Nice work anyhow.

robinssoncravents said on Feb. 04 '12

Simple and great

crislabno said on Feb. 04 '12

aaah lovely done my friend!

Type and Signs said on Feb. 04 '12

beautiful sign !!!!!!!

shadzxiii said on Feb. 04 '12

Don't like much the type but the icon is yummy :)

bitencourt said on Feb. 04 '12

Youre awesome, sir! :)

Artgeko said on Feb. 04 '12

An excellent sign turned out!

fogra said on Feb. 05 '12


Kliment said on Feb. 05 '12


yuro said on Feb. 05 '12

look nice great job!

belc said on Feb. 05 '12


dotflo said on Feb. 05 '12

what a great mark, love the way shapes and colors interact; top notch

rigved123 said on Feb. 06 '12

love the mark :)
the type could have been better though. :)

fogra said on Feb. 06 '12

Aye, cheers :)

Type08 said on Feb. 06 '12

Told yah already bud, wonderful addition to your folio!

fogra said on Feb. 06 '12

You sure did! Cheers, Alen :)

hanuman shakti said on Feb. 07 '12

Great color!....love the negative image! :) Faved

alice2012 said on Feb. 08 '12

how charming, esp. the icon - so simple, yet so whizzy. great work!

garychew1984 said on Feb. 09 '12

the mark is memorable and strong!

pjmaster said on Feb. 11 '12

Interesting mark and coloring.

mankam said on Feb. 12 '12


yanuarmoo said on Feb. 21 '12

Great mark and color, like this

redheadllena said on Mar. 12 '12

Wonderful job!!! :)

redchocolate said on Apr. 29 '12

very well, unusually

1ta said on Nov. 19 '12

very very nice ...

fogra said on Nov. 20 '12

Thank you very very much

shinobi said on Dec. 20 '12

simple mark... nice

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 14 '13


firebrand said on Dec. 13 '14

Sean, sorry to say Mudpuppystudios has stolen this one too! http://i.instagram.com/mudpuppystudios/

fogra said on Dec. 13 '14

Thanks Roy.

singhkiran9091 said on May. 06 '15

Nice post.

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