by Wizemark • Uploaded: Jun. 02 '10
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Description: Rest of the project that just ended up unhappy. What`s soothing is that concepts were not the reason.

update: found its home and in use now.

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Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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bigoodis said on Jun. 02 '10

very nice mark!

bigoodis said on Jun. 02 '10

and i like stilization too :)

sbj said on Jun. 02 '10

nice style..

michaelspitz said on Jun. 02 '10

Very cool my man! Very cool!

Rokac said on Jun. 02 '10

Fantastic and fantastic!

Mikeymike said on Jun. 02 '10

love the style, again. really admire your work, man. nice.

oronoz ® said on Jun. 02 '10

Just Awesome!!

wizemark said on Jun. 02 '10

Big, Saurabh, Michael, Roko, Mikey and Alan - Thanks a lot, guys!

JoePrince said on Jun. 02 '10

This is great looking Srdjan! Btw, how's Three65 going?

jerron said on Jun. 02 '10

I find it difficult to get excited about logos involving pencils because there are so many of them, but this one is intriguing.

wizemark said on Jun. 02 '10

Cheers, Joe! re 365 - I think I'm done, the pig's got my gun.. :) No really, i think i`m def done. It was exciting and fun.. for some period, after that it started to become quite annoying and it was a really huge commitment and weight with coming up every day with something that makes sense while still being original, interesting and fun. It was messing up a lot with my regular projects, life and basically everything. However, i`ve learned a couple of things about myself and confirmed some i knew already.. ;)
@Jerron I appreciate your comment, man!

etyl said on Jun. 02 '10

wow, this is really great

ethereal said on Jun. 02 '10

Great stuff, Srdjan!

contrast8 said on Jun. 02 '10


firebrand said on Jun. 02 '10

This reminds me of the film 'Contact'. Nice one Srdjan.

dannygdammit said on Jun. 02 '10

daaamn. this is nice.

brandsimplicity said on Jun. 02 '10

Wow...crazy good. Great background too!

designabot said on Jun. 02 '10

your one of the best wize. Interesting to hear about 365. Keep up the great work

dotflo said on Jun. 03 '10

This is great...love it

tass said on Jun. 03 '10

Beautiful mark!

milou said on Jun. 03 '10

This is so sweet my friend.

reghardt said on Jun. 04 '10

great mark

koodoz said on Jun. 04 '10

This is top notch

xm said on Jun. 04 '10

Very cool.

ga_design said on Jun. 04 '10

This is popping OFF!

RGD said on Jun. 04 '10

Very cool!

Petro said on Jun. 04 '10

Interesting... very interesting. And cool!

mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10

Love it! Pretty Darn Sweet.

matjak said on Jun. 04 '10

Awesome! Great job : )

wizemark said on Jun. 04 '10

Cheers, guys! You`re all too kind.. :)

zephyr said on Jun. 06 '10

Keep coming back to this one! Great work!

Alex K. said on Jun. 07 '10

just perfect mark!
oftenly, clients reject the best...
(thus harm themselves) and break the designers' hearts ;)

vnovoseltsev said on Jun. 09 '10

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bleeding design said on Jun. 17 '10

cool mark:)

nickosma said on Jun. 25 '10

very very cool

Rokac said on Jul. 01 '10

Let me be the first one to congratulate you! Well deserved Srdjan! Samo naprijed kolega:)

OcularInk said on Jul. 01 '10

Yes, glad to see you on the front page. Well deserved indeed. Congrats!

wizemark said on Jul. 02 '10

@Roko & Kevin Thank you, guys!! :)

b64studios said on Jul. 06 '10

really nice!

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 15 '10

Good stuff Wize..lizard ... I mean mark :)

outlander said on Feb. 16 '11

Great thought

wizemark said on Feb. 17 '11

cheers, ppl!

Rokac said on Feb. 17 '11

I don't care too much for tattoos, but this one would look awesome on my arm:)

wizemark said on Feb. 18 '11

lol! Thanks, bro! This one found its home few days ago, btw. Will update it as soon as it`s finished.

nathantrafford said on Feb. 24 '11

awesome awesome!! looks great in b&w compared to the color, although that one is nice too! bravo

Bernd said on Apr. 16 '11

great piece !

boldflower said on Apr. 20 '11

I`m speechless! :))) Super!

cpuentes23 said on May. 19 '11

cool mark

UtahRugbyGuy said on May. 21 '11

Love this mark. Looks like you captured the feel of an ancient civilization. Really cool!

creatorlord said on Jan. 13 '12

Great Work.....

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