Golf Night

by Mikeymike • Uploaded: Mar. 31 '10 - Gallerized: Jan. '14


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Description: any golfers out there? Golf league starts soon. getting ready. :) just playin' a round!
Status: Just for fun
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kathariney Mar. 31 '10

although not sure what's the olive doing there, i love this one. Really like the texture on the golf ball.

Mikeymike Mar. 31 '10

Kath, this represents what takes place at the 19th Hole after our golf game. Drinks to the winner! Cheers!

alterego Mar. 31 '10

just the golf moon ....thats it ....

Mikeymike Apr. 01 '10

this logo was to, in a fun way, play to the whole golf night experience. 9 holes of golf with buddies, then a steak fry, drinks, maybe some card playing and just having some fun. This was to engage the whole day into the night.*I will post the logo straight up without the olive. I hope it will hold its strength. cheers. :) just in this one for the fun.

gary Apr. 01 '10

the golf moon look sooooo good!

JoePrince Apr. 01 '10

This one is cool too Mikey, but definitely prefer the version without the olive.

Mikeymike Apr. 02 '10

thanx Gary and Joe. I think you have to be a on a golf league to get where this one is coming from. I agree that the other is a more complete and direct concept, this one was to just to represent the spirit of %22 Its golf night%22 yahoo. thanks everyone.

vergad Dec. 13 '10

very clever. love the concept.

Mikeymike Dec. 14 '10

thanks, matt. must be a golfer to get this one. :D

vergad Dec. 16 '10

i like to have a hack every now and then... personally, i think without the olive/ toothpick it wouldn't communicate accurately. with just the moon i would assume it represented a night lit round of golf. The olive/ toothpick immediately tells me this is all about drinks afterwards. really well done. maybe, and you've probably tried this already, but because the olive is set behind the ball/ moon, it suggests the toothpick down the bottom would come out in front of the ball down the bottom. meh! probably looks better this way anyway.

Mikeymike Dec. 16 '10

yeah, Matt I agree on the whole perspective thing. I started out with this one just to hit about the drinking done during golf league (fun night) and then I got so many ponder's telling me drop the olive and toothpick so I did this one. So I haven't done anything else with this one yet. Maybe this spring when golf starts again. cheers, man.

Agencija Feb. 19 '11

I see olive star ranch? Why here? %3B-))) its a joke.

brandsimplicity Feb. 19 '11

Why go spoil a great logo?

Mikeymike Feb. 21 '11

Agencija, got the joke. :) Olives to go good in some drinks. :)*Fabian, this was to be a fun, humors logo approach to men's golf night. vergad, got it right when he said. %22The olive/ toothpick immediately tells me this is all about drinks afterwards.%22 That's all this was for, those people who golf all day and then stay for the fun afterwards. Cheers.

Logomania Mar. 10 '12

Wow... love the idea!!! Perfect for a bar out of the field!

Mikeymike Mar. 12 '12

thanks, Gustavo. appreciate the comment. And YEAH golf strats here soon, so back to the greens.

Type and Signs Mar. 12 '12

Oh ... this was yours ... max quality ... like it !!

rudy hurtado Jan. 06 '14

I always loved this one.

lsaurus Feb. 12 '14

Fantastic design, got a b/w version? I see what people mean about the olive I think with the gradient colour it does not look like part of it and its just there however I like the message with the olive, made me suddenly think of fancy drinking

Mikeymike Feb. 12 '14

First of all thanks for the gallery spot..don't know how but I missed this in the gallery.
Isaurus, thanks for the comment. the other version seen here I had this version because the course I played at the time was a higher end country club, so the olive fit. cheers.


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