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Alexander Lloyd

After a couple of years working in a typesetting firm as a finished artist (think drafting boards, set squares and bull gum) in Wellington, NZ, then a few years as a copywriter and ad designer for the Marlborough Express newspaper in Blenheim, NZ I finally set up shop as a freelance designer from home. That was 1992 and now some umpteen years later, I'm still flat out working every hour under the sun and lovin' it - mostly. Now my wife and I have three children that we are homeschooling while I have now progressed to a separate office - that's a full 10 second walk from home. No getting stuck in the traffic on my way to the office, unless you consider tripping over the kid's bikes and scooters traffic. I love the branding process and creating new identities - it's my greatest work pleasure. Along with a heap of wine label design work, brochures, business collateral and a bunch of other things too many to mention.
Seen in:- Get Noticed. Self-Promotion for Creative Professionals (Northlight)
- Step-by-Step Graphics (Vol 13, No 6 and Vol 15, No 1)
- Letterhead & Logo Design 7 (Rockport)
- Letterhead & Logo Design 8 (Rockport)
- Letterhead & Logo Design 9 (Rockport)
- Letterhead & Logo Design 10 (Rockport)
- Idea Revolution (HOW Design Books)
- Identity Solutions: How to Create Effective Brands (HOW Design Books)
- Colossal Design (HOW Design Books)
- The Art of Promotion: Creating Distinction Through Innovative Production Techniques (Rockport)
- Best of Business Card Design 6 (Rockport)
- Best of Business Card Design 7 (Rockport)
- Best of Business Card Design 8 (Rockport)
- Best of Brochure Design 8 (Rockport)
- Brochures: Making a Strong Impression (Rockport)
- 1000 Greetings (Rockport)
- 1000 Graphic Elements: Details for Distinctive Designs (Rockport)
- 1000 Bags, Tags and Labels (Rockport)
- 1000 Retail Graphics (Rockport)
- Touch This: Graphic Design That Feels Good (Rockport)
- Fantastic Folders and Exceptional Envelopes (Rockport)
- The Little Book of Big Promotions (Rockport)
- Design Matters//LOGOS 01 (Rockport)
- Design Matters// BROCHURES 01(Rockport)
- Business Graphics (Rockport)
- Mastering Materials, Bindings and Finishes (Rockport)
- KAK Magazine (Rus) 2007
- Design for Special Events (Rockport)
- Really Good Logos Explained (Rockport)
- Displayed at Indiana State University Graphic Design Programme


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