by DesignerAG • Uploaded: Mar. 02 '10
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Description: Luveko is a combo of two words - love and ecology. Just an idea :)

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: gardeninggardenhealthgreenleaf

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alterego said on Mar. 03 '10

well done buddy ...nice color combo as well

sbj said on Mar. 03 '10

like the concept n colors....digging this
one more thing i seen this concept of hands making heart shape recently on pond.. forgot the link as i get inform you :)

bigoodis said on Mar. 03 '10

nice colors

Tømme said on Apr. 24 '10

Really lovely

13mu said on May. 01 '11

Matto, this is very cool!

matto said on May. 01 '11

Thanks you guys, much appreciated!

richardbaird said on May. 01 '11

The concept is really simple but I think its the execution that sets the perfect tone and rounds its off so well. Nice job

matto said on May. 01 '11

Thanks Richard :)

SL said on Nov. 02 '12

beautifully done.

lo said on Nov. 03 '12

Great! I like this.

Constantine said on Nov. 04 '12


russpate said on Nov. 05 '12

beautiful mark!

sdijock said on Nov. 06 '12

It's nice, but I think you need to add a 5th finger to each hand. Just my opinion.

matto said on Nov. 07 '12

@sdijock yeah, I changed it some time ago, but just forgot to update it here. Now it's good.

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