Day One Fitness

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Apr. 17 '07
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Description: Online workout programs, one-on-one coaching, nutritional information, etc. My wife gave me the inspiration for this one. It's inspired after one of those old flip clocks. // Featured in Los Logos 4

As seen on: Day One Fitness

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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chanpion said on Apr. 17 '07

Yep, bank clocks we call them. Saw it a mile away even without your explanantion.

Very original. Great work bud (um...your GF I mean).

nido said on Apr. 17 '07

i keep expecting it to flip to 2! nice!

kult house said on Apr. 17 '07

Ocular, I really effin' love this.

OcularInk said on Apr. 17 '07

Ah, bank clocks...I was wondering if there was another name for them. The GF is going to love reading all of your comments. :-) Thanks, guys. Nido, my buddies over at Kemso.com will most likely be doing the website for this. They do a lot of great flash work. Would be real neat to see something like that on the site. Thanks, Kult!! Lovin' your recent work (well, all of it!). Peace!

raja said on Apr. 17 '07

to girfriend: kick-ass concept!

to ocular ink: very nice - did you try black?

OcularInk said on Apr. 17 '07

Thanks!! Who is 'said'? Raja, black was my initial thought as well, but felt it was way too cold for a fitness/personal wellness site. The orange, to me, reminds me of a color one would find in a sunset...evoking a new day. ;-) Excellent point, though! Melissa says thanks to you all as well!

senterbrands said on Apr. 17 '07

When I first saw this I immediately saw a sunset in the mark. Which by your above posts could mean new day. Nice one.

logomotive said on Apr. 17 '07

said was my on this one Kev.

nido said on Apr. 17 '07

hehe... dont you just love typos;)

logomotive said on Apr. 17 '07

had to hurry b4 said ate me :-) I do it ALL the time.

OcularInk said on Apr. 17 '07


logomotive said on Apr. 17 '07

ROFLMAO!!!!! ha ha said got ya again. Hye I'm using internet explorer YOU?

OcularInk said on Apr. 18 '07

I use Firefox. Basically, if I click on another page within LogoPond, I am signed out (not everytime though). Also, I'll sign in to comment on a logo...by the time I have finished my thoughts, I have been signed out. However, it shows me as being still logged in (even allows me to post a comment), but my user name disappears. Hope this helps, David.

nido said on Apr. 18 '07

hey kev i had a similar problem for a while, i also use firefox. tell me do you log in everytime you visit logopond? i ask because what i did was tick the box that says 'remember me for a month' & i no longer have that problem! i dont think its firefox though, in my experience explorers really bad, firefox is normally great!

emkay said on Apr. 24 '07

OcularInk, very nice logo and concept. Think you should know though that the new http://www.microsoft.com/office/newday/default.mspx?WT.mc_id=GooglePaid&WT.srch=1">Microsoft Office ad campaign uses a similar clock. Like yours better though, very well done!

dache said on Apr. 25 '07


OcularInk said on Apr. 25 '07

@ Nido : looks like the bug has been fixed. :-)

@ Emkay : Thank-you! And I appreciate you referencing the Microsoft Office image. Always good to know what's out there.

@ dache : Thanks, brotha!!

jackg said on Apr. 25 '07

i love the design but from distance it looked like it had a shiny "web 2.0" effect and not a flip rotating calendar.

i'm not sure of a work around, perhaps make the top darker than the bottom?

awesome though.

bpotstra said on Apr. 25 '07

Groovy logo, Kevin.

OcularInk said on Apr. 28 '07

Interesting point, jackg. However, in my research, the bottom was always darker. Thanks, though!

Thanks, Brian. Good luck with jazz logo...I'm curious to see the final design. Later!!

bpotstra said on Apr. 28 '07

firefly said on Apr. 29 '07

Great logo, i am just not to sure on the need of the small day in the flip clock section. No need to repeat the name twice in the logo?

attyl said on Apr. 29 '07

just saw a "Day One" logo from a Microsoft adthat just like this 'cept color...

OcularInk said on Apr. 30 '07

@ firefly: The mark itself is intended to be a stand-alone. So, with that said, it felt right to include 'Day' twice. Also, research 'Flip Clock' in Google. You will notice, that 'Day' part in the mark is actually a clever play on what is already there.

@ attyl: And? Oh, and this has already been acknowledged by emkay.

attyl said on Apr. 30 '07

duuuude, rudeness not needed.

attyl said on Apr. 30 '07

didn't see the comment by emkay

AL said on May. 01 '07

Nice concept. I agree the small 'day' is not necessary here - it's hardly visible, and in small logo sizes would probably dissapear. Also I'm not sure about the proportions and weight between the sign and inscription - it's a bit too light on the right.

OcularInk said on May. 04 '07

@attyl - I'm just tired of seeing references to other logos with nothing else being said. At least say something like..."great minds think alike". :-) For all I know, you are accusing me of ripping the idea. All in all, I appreciate your feedback. I'm always looking for ways to improve. So, thanks!

nido said on May. 04 '07

great minds must think alike! i was just thinking the same thing... what you just said =)

OcularInk said on May. 04 '07

Lol!! We're on the same wave length, dude!!

mannah said on May. 18 '07

love the concept. neat idea.

OcularInk said on May. 18 '07

:-) Thanks, MK.

OcularInk said on May. 18 '07

You're a genius!

OcularInk said on Aug. 20 '07

Day One Fitness goes live on the web. I'm not exactly sure who did the site, but it turned out nice, in my opinion.


brandsimplicity said on Aug. 20 '07

Very nice clean site,your logo looks amazing!

OcularInk said on Aug. 20 '07

Thanks, Fabian!! :D

miguel1 said on Aug. 23 '07

AWESOME DUDE. Ya done good if I say so myslef < typo LOL!

OcularInk said on Aug. 24 '07


qmanning said on Aug. 29 '07

Beautiful work.

rantiddlybobo said on Sep. 26 '07

I like it, clean and clever.
As several have mentioned the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was the Microsoft Office, new day, ad campaign. Outside of that it is great.

ChrisG said on Nov. 18 '07

I love the mark. I'm not as crazy about the typography, and the loose kerning, but at least it doesn't compete with that great mark.

muku said on Feb. 12 '08

Hey Occular... If you're wondering who made the site for Day One it's these guys... www.hydragraphik.com. I know a couple people that worked there and I was just browsing through their site when I came across your logo. Sweet logo btw!

OcularInk said on Mar. 19 '08

Thanks everyone.

@ muku : Ah, thanks man. Good to know. And thanks for the kind words.

janzabransky said on May. 15 '08

brilliant idea

kellyoneill said on May. 22 '08

Fabulous - you are a great designer, Kevin - thank you for taking time to critique my logos as I embark on this new branch of my business.

Royk said on Jun. 05 '08

Just amazing. I love the concept.

OcularInk said on Jun. 13 '08

Thanks guys. :-)

@ Kelly : Keep up all the great work. You rock!

Art Machine said on Jul. 15 '08

Congratulations Kevin!

nido said on Jul. 15 '08

yeah.. well done bud!

firebrand said on Jul. 15 '08

Well done Kevin!

fogra said on Jul. 15 '08

Flippin' great and congrats too Kev!

OcularInk said on Jul. 15 '08

Cheers, ya'll!!

raja said on Jul. 22 '08

congratz bro

OcularInk said on Jul. 22 '08

Thanks, bud!! Ya know, your FIDO logo is one of my all time favorites. I actually forgot it was yours for a second. :-P Nice work, dude.

peter0379 said on Jul. 26 '08

I think it's unsuccessful. Logo's should stay visually consistent large and small. If this logo was any smaller, the word DAY on the graphic would disappear.

Great concept - bad execution.

OcularInk said on Jul. 26 '08

This was created primarily for the web, but I appreciate your concern.

borinagge said on Jul. 26 '08

This one is so cool, it feels energetic, time to get back in shape.....I prefer this type than the one they use, this one feels in shape, XD

logomotive said on Jul. 26 '08

BTW Kev, congrats!! I almost forgot. Well deserved my friend.

dado said on Jul. 30 '08

Congrats my friend! :)

mrblong said on Oct. 20 '08

I Love It. Very Creative

canhur said on Dec. 07 '08

wu nice:)

OcularInk said on Dec. 09 '08

@ borinagge : Thanks Daniel. I too prefer this type treatment. Glad you noticed that.

@ logomotive : Thanks Mike. Means a lot dude.

@ dado : Thanks buddy!

@ nima : Thank-you!

@ mrblong : Thanks Brion.

@ canhur : Thanks dude!

logotomy said on Jan. 13 '09


birofunk said on May. 28 '09

stunning...good job!

OcularInk said on May. 28 '09

Thanks Olivier and Niall. I appreciate it.

Art Machine said on May. 30 '09

"Here":http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Logos-starting-2005/235848 is something interesting (3rd logo).

epsilon said on May. 30 '09

Interestingly enough it seems to be the only logo missing from this "guy's portfolio here on LP":http://logopond.com/members/profile/showcase/11798.

lundeja said on May. 30 '09

The logo police always make me feel secure :) Love logopond.

OcularInk said on May. 31 '09

@Art Machine Interesting find, Julian.
@epsilon Hmm, that is interesting, Alex.
@lundeja Lol! Me too, Jared.

tass said on Oct. 01 '09

Nice to see it's talked about me in here too. Pretty bad that it's again today for a bad thing. I explained "here":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/65567 my process. Epsilon i've got nothing against you but i suggest you do a better counting next time. I've got many projects that i haven't yet uploaded in here. I use this account for a few months (forgot about how many) and my policy is to upload just 2-3 logos at a time to permit users give a feedback. I consider uploading everything in one day will diminished that opportunity.

Again i am sorry for this unpleasant situations and i am really sorry and disappointed that this kind of similarities attract more interest and comments than most of my other projects uploaded.

tass said on Oct. 01 '09

Really sorry Kevin for this a bit off-topic comment on you project page but i felt the need to give an explanation.

OcularInk said on Oct. 02 '09

The only thing to do is take your word for it. However, it is a very unfortunate situation. If the proper research had been done prior to starting your logo project, I'm sure the Day 1 Fitness logo would have come up.

tass said on Oct. 02 '09

I must thank you for the credit / trust. About how unfortunate is this... i can't say anything more. You are right about the research, but sometimes there are so many things to be taken care and look out for that i found it pretty difficult to make 99% sure of the originality of any idea. Thank you for understanding, and again sorry for this situation as i guess it's unpleasant for you as it is for me (or maybe even more).
Really hope to chat from now on at some more interesting / constructive / creative topics; there's no need to say that you've got a really nice portfolio.

ryanlynndesign said on Jan. 14 '10

Great work, I love how the flip calendar/clock implies that there will be a day 2 and that this company will keep you focused and coming back in the future.

OcularInk said on Feb. 05 '10

Thanks guys. Hey, so I just got an email letting me know there's a guy on Elance using a lot of logos from the Pond as his own. Check it out. http://www.elance.com/experts/pakistan_sindh_karachi/logos_creative_graphic_design/1677771?catid=10184#tab=0

m1sternoname said on Feb. 05 '10

blegh, that's just awefull!

unlike your logo :)

logomotive said on Feb. 05 '10

Unbelievable, even got Herb's Families logo in there.Your Inksect and just about one from everyone in there but none of his own work.

JoePrince said on Feb. 05 '10

Always loved this one Kev.

OcularInk said on Feb. 05 '10

You figure with the design community's reputation of finding these thieves they would eventually stop. Morons! Thanks for the support, Floris, Mike and Joe.

sbj said on Feb. 06 '10

that guys is off from elance now! congrats!

OcularInk said on Feb. 07 '10

Good to know. Thanks, Saurabh!

ethereal said on Mar. 01 '10

Check it out, Kev, we're being ripped again: http://miniv.ueuo.com/

OcularInk said on Mar. 03 '10

ARGH!!!!! Here we go again. Just got a quote request from a new client as well saying he was on freelancer.com and saw the D1F logo on there in someone's portfolio. Lovely.

milou said on Apr. 13 '10

This one is totally awesome Kevin.

OcularInk said on Apr. 14 '10

Thanks, Milosz. You're awesome!

Mikeymike said on Jun. 15 '11

I don't know how I missed this one of yours, but I really like it. But now I feel like I got ta go home and exercise.

ocularink said on Jul. 13 '11

Haha, thanks Mikey!

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