Mr. Cutts

by tabithakristen • Uploaded: Sep. 11 '09
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Description: For a barber shop. The scissors are cleverly shaped into a man's face with eyes and a mustache.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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tabithakristen said on Sep. 11 '09

Thanks @MomentumMagazine :)

monnay79 said on Sep. 11 '09

love it. i think the b attached to the s bothers me a little.

logoboom said on Sep. 11 '09

Clever mark.

nexqunyx said on Sep. 11 '09


c4creative said on Sep. 11 '09

I agree with monnay. Great icon Tabitha. Great folio by the way.

andreiu said on Sep. 12 '09

great one! but that "b" bugs me a lot! :p

OcularInk said on Sep. 12 '09

Very clever, Tabitha. One of your bests! I too don't think you need to connect the b.

dotflo said on Sep. 12 '09

really nice..agree about the b

Rokac said on Sep. 12 '09

I like it.

ethereal said on Sep. 12 '09

Yeah, this is a good one, nice!

tabithakristen said on Sep. 12 '09

Thanks everyone! I fixed the "b". It was kinda getting on my nerves too. :)

swede said on Sep. 12 '09

Really nice logo Tab! :) Good job!

tabithakristen said on Sep. 12 '09

Thank you Swede :)

Wizemark said on Sep. 12 '09

Awesome concept and execution, Tabitha! Is there a reason why two t`s are different in `cutts`?

logotivity said on Sep. 12 '09

you have some really nice work tabitha..

tabithakristen said on Sep. 12 '09

Thank you Logotivity :)

tabithakristen said on Sep. 12 '09

Awesome. I've never been in the gallery before ^_^

logoboom said on Sep. 12 '09

Congrats Tabitha.

designabot said on Sep. 12 '09

very good mark Tab

almosh82 said on Sep. 13 '09

great work Tabitha!

dbunk said on Sep. 13 '09

A cut above!

tabithakristen said on Sep. 13 '09

Thank you again everyone! I really appreciate the kind words :)

BigAl67 said on Sep. 13 '09


libran005 said on Sep. 13 '09


Brandsimplicity said on Sep. 13 '09

Congrats girl, one of your best yet:)

dannygdammit said on Sep. 13 '09


alterego said on Sep. 13 '09

nice illo :)

!mude said on Sep. 14 '09

Love this one Tabitha. Great idea and it looks awesome too.

tabithakristen said on Sep. 14 '09

Thank you :)

bassbinvisual said on Sep. 14 '09

u are awesome

jsml said on Sep. 14 '09

oh so adorable!

add.rian said on Sep. 14 '09


Porter Design said on Sep. 15 '09

This is really great. I dig it a lot.

chriscubos said on Sep. 16 '09

clever use of the scissors. nice work! =)

piperm said on Sep. 16 '09

una cuca

milou said on Sep. 17 '09

why the second 't' is bigger in cutts? just curious.

tabithakristen said on Sep. 17 '09

@milou just liked the way it looked =P

Mason Roberts said on Sep. 17 '09

This one I like... :)

rob-rob-rob said on Sep. 18 '09

Clever and Funny, good twins :)

onesummer said on Sep. 20 '09

awhah, i love it. great stuff.

sen005 said on Sep. 21 '09

This is very innovative, I think the smaller font compliments the font above it. My only concern about it is that the T in cutts is larger and attracts the eye to that one word, but you don't have any other connection to it in the word mister.

alescarortiz said on Sep. 21 '09

este es mi abuelo! genial!

gizm0 said on Sep. 24 '09

very good. clever work.

jenniart said on Sep. 26 '09

Clever and memorable (but maybe a little creepy? lol)

mjkl said on Sep. 29 '09


shin said on Sep. 30 '09

a bit too fun for a gentlemen crowd logo but nicely done, nevertheless

tabithakristen said on Oct. 01 '09

Thanks again everyone.
@shin : I completely disagree but thank you :)

dhalarewich said on Oct. 15 '09

That's just awesome. Wish I had a mustache like that. Floatered

kaimere said on Oct. 15 '09

great work Tabitha

Haze said on Nov. 03 '09

sweet mark

sdesign said on Dec. 18 '09

just genious!! :)
i'm looking to get a logo designed - i'd love to get a quote from you. whats your contact info?

tabithakristen said on Dec. 22 '09

thanks again everyone :)
@sdesign you can go to tabithadesign.com and get the info you need :)

tabithakristen said on Jan. 26 '10

Wow. 69 floats. Thanks again everyone!

Gafyn said on Jan. 26 '10

Make that 70 ; )

tabithakristen said on Jan. 26 '10

Hey thanks Gafyn :D

birofunk said on Jan. 26 '10

can't believe i never commented on this, one of my all time favs round here

sainteve said on May. 28 '10

over and over again i see this logo. one of my best

funcdesigns said on May. 28 '10

This is really great.

udkar.komal@gmail.com said on May. 29 '10

hey its an awesome logo....
I love it.... brilliant one...

aci25 said on May. 29 '10

Very well done, I love the idea of the scissors forming a big bigote :)

diego153 said on Sep. 26 '10

Haha very clever. Made me smile!

tabithakristen said on Sep. 26 '10

Thanks everyone. I appreciate it :)

lecart said on Sep. 26 '10

been away a while, right? :)

tabithakristen said on Sep. 26 '10

Yea. A bit of a hiatus lol

danieltaborda said on Sep. 26 '10

I've always been a fan of this logo. But I just noticed that the two circles look different. It's me?

Tabithakristen said on Sep. 26 '10

Lol Daniel, I'm surprised you actually noticed that. You're right. I fixed it a long time ago. I just never took the time to upload the revision. :) thanks for the float :D

myway999 said on Sep. 28 '10

welcome back, tabitha. missed your style. a bit of hiatus, huh? :p

tabithakristen said on Sep. 29 '10

Thanks myway :D Yea, a hiatus. I needed it lol

ahmetbarin said on Nov. 10 '10

oooWwwww nicee

rudy hurtado said on Nov. 10 '10

Nice site Tabitha.

tabithakristen said on Dec. 03 '10

ahmetbarin & Rudy: Thanks =]

tanker79 said on May. 17 '11

Great concept! Simple and clean logo, I like it. Congratulations

cpuentes23 said on May. 19 '11


Raoul Camion said on Jun. 07 '11

Love it

tanapta said on Jun. 10 '11

thats plain perfect.

tabithakristen said on Jun. 12 '11

Thanks again everyone! Finally hit 100 floats! I really appreciate the kind words :)

contrast8 said on Jun. 12 '11

102 very nice Tabitha :)

tabithakristen said on Jun. 17 '11

Thanks Contrast8! :)

jarodkintz said on Jun. 30 '11


antzfx said on Jul. 21 '11

Fantastic logo. I have featured this logo here: http://kikkidu.com/play-salon

marscall said on Jul. 26 '11

I'm gonna find that mister sometime, and have my hair cut!

swigley said on Aug. 12 '11

If I could have given this an extra float, I would. Excellent mark

tabithakristen said on Oct. 29 '11

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the kind words. :)

circa85 said on Nov. 13 '11

Wow! This is excellent! Wish i thought of it!!! :-D

tabithakristen said on Dec. 06 '11

Thank you circa85 :D

jencreatesthings said on Dec. 13 '11

What a gorgeous logo! Very awesome. :D

tabithakristen said on Dec. 18 '11

Thanks! I really appreciate all the support and kind words I've gotten for this logo. :)

emigodric666 said on Feb. 06 '12

like your gallery

tabithakristen said on Mar. 04 '12

Thank you emigodric666

tabithakristen said on Jun. 04 '12

logomotive said on Jun. 04 '12

It's gonna happen over and over. I did a King Cuts logo prior to both of these with same concept.

tabithakristen said on Jun. 04 '12

It's still annoying. Is yours on LP? I'd like to see.

logomotive said on Jun. 04 '12

I know it is. No I removed it. All good.

tabithakristen said on Jun. 05 '12

Ah ok. Cool :)

hanuman shakti said on Jul. 01 '12

damn good....love it! :)

tabithakristen said on Jul. 06 '12

Thank you hanuman! :D

tabithakristen said on Jul. 25 '12

Sorry. I have no idea what that means and it doesn't pull up in Google Translate lol

tabithakristen said on Jul. 25 '12

Anyone know what "nishtyak" means?

Hayes Image said on Jul. 25 '12

I found a translation (it's russian slang), but it just raised more questions then answers...

ColinTierney said on Jul. 25 '12

i think i just found that it means "that's sick/cool" could be wrong though.

ColinTierney said on Jul. 25 '12

btw, the t's in 'cutts' make this logo that much better, imo.

tabithakristen said on Jul. 27 '12

Is it just me or is this website claiming the Mister Cutts logo as their work?! http://portfolio.kaktuscreative.it/ I clicked on the navigation that says "Brand Identity" and my logo is shown.

tabithakristen said on Jul. 27 '12

Yea, just contacted them via Facebook. I hope they remove it.

ClimaxDesigns said on Jul. 27 '12

looks like they are... :(

I hope logopond is doing more good than harm out in this industry as far as putting peoples work out for hacks to claim as their own

ejefferi said on Aug. 17 '12

awesome design. and i agree, the two lengths in the "t's" is actually very clever!

tabithakristen said on Aug. 21 '12

Thanks ejefferi! I appreciate it :)

DECIMICDESIGN said on Sep. 09 '12


tabithakristen said on Nov. 15 '12

Thank you decimicdesign :)

fabric said on Dec. 02 '12

haha very positive sign and idea is great!

tabithakristen said on Dec. 03 '12

Thanks Fabric! :) I really appreciate the kind words.

shinobi said on Dec. 18 '12

great work

tabithakristen said on Jan. 03 '13

Thank you Shinobi! :)

rtaveira8 said on Apr. 18 '13

still love this, it never gets old!

tabithakristen said on Apr. 19 '13

Thanks :D Sick of seeing it on random barber shop websites all the time though. lol

SAVVYID said on Aug. 11 '13

Well done...clever mark!

tabithakristen said on Aug. 11 '13

Thank you SAVVYID. I appreciate it. :)

tabithakristen said on Nov. 06 '13

Wow. 163 floats. Thanks so much everyone. It means the world to me. :)

rtaveira8 said on Jul. 29 '14

165 floats now!

tabithakristen said on Aug. 26 '14

I know! It's crazy! Thanks again to everyone! :)

andredesignz said on Sep. 08 '14

Really nice

tabithakristen said on Sep. 24 '14

Thank you andredesignz :)

tabithakristen said on Mar. 01 '15

Thank you k85! :)

atomicvibe said on Sep. 25 '15

Hey Tabitha, someone on Facebook has stolen your logo and is passing it off as his own work:


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