by cerise • Uploaded: Apr. 16 '09
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Description: A burger joint where all the ingredients are organic.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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cerise said on Apr. 16 '09

It's not a hand!!

alterego said on Apr. 16 '09

Cerise .. nicely done i think the center branches need to be little more thicker ...

Lecart said on Apr. 17 '09

Yeah, I agree with alterego. Good work! :)

cerise said on Apr. 17 '09

Picky Picky.....ok I'll have a look at that

fogra said on Apr. 17 '09

Cerise, maybe if you include some sesame seeds it will make it look more like a tree canopy? It looks too smooth at the mo.

gyui said on Apr. 17 '09

great job cerise, i agree with fogra, sesame seeds would work well.

OcularInk said on Apr. 17 '09

Very nice so far. I agree with fogra about the sesame seeds. That would be a nice addition to the concept. Nice work!

cerise said on Apr. 17 '09

Thanks guys...Sesame seeds it is

Yglo said on Apr. 18 '09

It's clever, but it doesn't look very tasty!

gyui said on Apr. 18 '09

how would it look if you knocked out the seeds instead of filling them with the white?

nexqunyx said on May. 02 '09

At first glance it looked like a flying saucer hovering over a tree to me:) Yeah I'm on crack:) LOL Nice work!

cerise said on May. 03 '09

^Ha Ha all good...thanks mate

fidelmula said on May. 04 '09

Dis wicked blood

BigAl67 said on May. 04 '09

Nice work Cerise.

hindmarshdesign said on May. 04 '09

Love the updates. Great stuff!

cseven said on May. 04 '09

Great logo. The updates work well.

theartistt said on May. 04 '09

it's cool, but scary!

cerise said on May. 04 '09

Thanks guys and gals @ the artist I guess it depends whether you've watched too many horror flicks involving sillouettes of trees. But I take your point.

Porter Design said on May. 05 '09

I dig this one! Nice work.

gold coast website design said on May. 08 '09

Original and logical. The tree/branches are a little gothic though... slightly scary. Would like to see more rounded if possible.

patentico said on May. 16 '09

really nice one, except that I can't match current colors (enough) with organic - but hey, maybe I'm wrong?!

vergad said on May. 05 '11

great stuff - love this

cerise said on May. 05 '11

Cheers very much chasps

Type and Signs said on Oct. 06 '11

killer !

cerise said on Oct. 06 '11

Thanks Tas [:)]

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