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Description: I have a few reasons why sometimes I design fictitious logos. 1. when inspiration hits me I don't want to forget about it. 2.Usually whenever your thinking of something, so is someone else.3. because I enjoy it.4 it gets my creative juices flowing.5. It may come in useful in the future.

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Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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firebrand said on Jan. 20 '09

He does it yet again! That's really trunky!

smartinup said on Jan. 20 '09


oronoz ® said on Jan. 20 '09

damn this is great!! :D

eziemac said on Jan. 20 '09

nice one, well done, buddy.

gyui said on Jan. 20 '09

That is awesome! :)

fogra said on Jan. 20 '09

Show-off! :)

lundeja said on Jan. 20 '09

Reminds me a little of Enlargel by Raja.

Great idea, though.

logomotive said on Jan. 20 '09

Thanks guys, yeah I'm a show off!
Lundeja, did Tonfue's comment inspire you to say that :-)

penflare said on Jan. 20 '09

haha really nice mike, great job

lundeja said on Jan. 20 '09

Haha, that must have been it!

cerise said on Jan. 20 '09

Trunkmaster Flash

Muamer said on Jan. 20 '09

Clever mark Mr.E :)

mr. m said on Jan. 20 '09

Really great mark. Really really great.

borinagge said on Jan. 20 '09

O H M Y!!

tiko1232 said on Jan. 20 '09

Very beautiful Mike :)

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 20 '09

I don't know how you keep coming up with these ideas but...keep coming up with these ideas.

brandcore said on Jan. 20 '09


Type08 said on Jan. 20 '09

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, can't you see, sometimes your work just hypnotize me!

Brandsimplicity said on Jan. 20 '09

PPPlease teach me oh great wise master;)

swjdesign said on Jan. 21 '09

i was thinking you could make it one step better if you made the black piece look like a trunk as well, if thats possible. just a thought.

OcularInk said on Jan. 21 '09

^ ^ Hmm. Stellar concept, Mike.

The Vawda Girls said on Jan. 21 '09

I like, I like... no actually I LOVE! great job

logotomy said on Jan. 21 '09


Tats Me! said on Jan. 21 '09

How bout "FONTASTIC"..?

logomotive said on Jan. 21 '09

Thanks for the comments fellow designers.

rambal said on Jan. 21 '09


NeilMcDonald said on Jan. 21 '09

Whoa! Nice. Next task... design a whole (ele) font round this concept.
That would be pretty sweet ;)

koodoz said on Jan. 21 '09

A clever cookie indeed. The 'e' even looks like a tusk!! You're too good :)

geniuslogo said on Jan. 21 '09

Mike hits again!

logomotive said on Jan. 21 '09

Geez thanks guys.
@Neil not a bad idear.

Siah-Design said on Jan. 21 '09

Floated a while ago but never gave my congrats. This logos works awesome Mike :)

mavric said on Jan. 22 '09

No words :)


cjiske said on Jan. 22 '09

works great! TOP elefont!

itsgareth said on Jan. 22 '09

Well played

koodoz said on Jan. 22 '09

I just picked up on another factor that makes this logo great! It's the type! The slightly rounded ends of the serifs complement the tip of the elephant's trunk, perfectly.

jp2id said on Jan. 23 '09

Now I know exactly what God meant when he said, "Thou shall not covet"... Serious Skills!

logomotive said on Jan. 23 '09

Cheers guys and thanks for the observations and nice comments.
jp2id, LOL .Thanks.

logotivity said on Jan. 23 '09

hahaha your a dork.. I just saw this.. Great man..

Koma said on Jan. 23 '09

very catchy. :)

ice-horse said on Jan. 24 '09

haha, nice and funny :)

formrausch said on Jan. 26 '09

Great one!

logomotive said on Jan. 29 '09

^ Thanks guys.

leffi said on Feb. 03 '09

Hehe, great idea :)

satya said on Feb. 04 '09


KabuqueJoe said on Feb. 04 '09

What a nice idea with a perfect execution!

camilorendon said on Feb. 05 '09

is very funny the mental delay to catch up the secret element. Congratulations.

figudesign said on Feb. 08 '09

this one of the best!!

bugbug said on Feb. 08 '09

Very loveable mark.

frankp said on Feb. 20 '09

Simple, effective, ingenious :)

littlerocket said on Feb. 20 '09


logomotive said on Feb. 26 '09

Thanks y'all.

anitosh said on Mar. 17 '09

Perhaps this is the only way to design Elefont :) Creative name mind-blowing logo. Hatsoff.

dikkers said on Mar. 29 '09

This is GOLD. How did i miss this one? Fav'd

I sometimes do fictitious logos, folder on my HD called randomthoughts.ai that they all go into, they rarely make it out alive, but are there for some fun and maybe useful oneday.

andreiu said on Mar. 30 '09

how much time do you need until you put this ideas "onto the paper"? :D

gyui said on Apr. 02 '09

not only is it a copy, it's used in a really bad logo.

logomotive said on Apr. 02 '09

^no kidding not only a rip but also terribly done.Thanks for the link epsilon.

OcularInk said on Apr. 02 '09

When will they realize you can't get away with logo theft these days? We got too much back up in this hood! Sorry, Mike, that sucks!

logomotive said on Apr. 02 '09

^ Ya it sucks times 2.

fogra said on Apr. 02 '09

I found a high profile site to display plagiarists:

theartistt said on Apr. 02 '09

a lot of idiots on LP today.

theartistt said on Apr. 02 '09

present company excluded, of course. ;)

kaimere said on Apr. 02 '09

Dammmm!!!!!! that sucks
great link btw Fogra ...

mabu said on Apr. 09 '09

Absolutely love it.

mabu said on Apr. 09 '09

... and I totally agree with you(description, red.).

mabu said on Apr. 09 '09

Absolutely love it... and I totally agree with you(description, red.).

logomotive said on Apr. 13 '09

Hey thanks for the links and comments guys. The guys has not responded to any emails. Probably does not get any hits either or check is emails by the looks of his crap.

hindmarshdesign said on Apr. 13 '09

hmm. I've seen that cssdaddy site before and never noticed that he was actually using your logo! which no doubt can be found in the inspiration section of his website....crazy.

ives said on Apr. 26 '09

great idea!

logomotive said on Apr. 30 '09

Thanks for the comments and floaters guys.

gentleone said on May. 13 '09

So simple, but sooooooo nice... practice, practice, practice and another 10000 times practice... sigh

magicshadow said on Nov. 05 '09

one of the best

dikkers said on Nov. 15 '09

probably seen it, but...

logomotive said on Nov. 15 '09

^ LOL thanks. Boy if that don't say it ALL I don't really know what to say or convince people what is going on with our industry.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 15 '09

This was isn't as bad, but still reminds me of Elephont;


logomotive said on Nov. 15 '09

^ I can see that but that does not bother me as much as that can be purely coincidental. The other and that it was allowed is beyond me. In fact I almost feel it is a poke.

logomotive said on Nov. 15 '09

BTW any Brandstacker want to defend this or say "get over myself" come the forward.

logomotive said on Nov. 15 '09

OH SNAP! another 404 error now.....

logomotive said on Nov. 16 '09

firebrand said on Nov. 16 '09

That's pathetic. Could well be a poke.

dikkers said on Nov. 16 '09

Ohhhhh SNAP is alright... could they have used a better choice of words for their 404 message?

logomotive said on Nov. 16 '09

^LOL ohhhhh SH..?

dikkers said on Nov. 16 '09


trofdot said on Jan. 16 '10

very good :)

logomotive said on Jan. 16 '10

Thanks dikkers and trofdot.

ryanlynndesign said on Jan. 18 '10

This is awesome!

veocreativos said on Feb. 10 '10

Very clever, love it!

logomotive said on Mar. 11 '10

Thanks Ryan and Veo.

biebo said on Jun. 09 '10

hi. this is very awesome. i just fellin love for the first time i saw it :D

sbdesign said on Jul. 12 '10

It is ingenious!

hyperborea said on Sep. 03 '10

great idea captured...

illumina said on Oct. 08 '10

love this so so much

rvlt said on Nov. 04 '10

Very nice shape, working with negative space, it reminds me right away into pierre cardin's logo http://www.ugarms.com/images/logo/pierre%20cardin.jpg

kevinvanberg said on Jan. 03 '11

Nice work :)

rikkirogers said on Jul. 05 '11

This logo haunts my dreams! Really wonderful work, and thanks to your description, I'm going to keep on designing my fictitious logos to keep the ol' creative juices flowing. ;-)

logomotive said on Jul. 05 '11

Thanks peeps, but there is a HUGE difference between fictional logos and actual client work. It's night and day really. This just helps to get the juices going. The Real deals give you nightmares and put knots in your stomach, if you know what I mean...

JF said on Jul. 05 '11

I agree, wholeheartedly. And, the biggest pain ever that I had to design for, the biggest client? Myself. Horrible stress. When it's the 'real thing' it's far more risky.

Sean Heisler said on Jul. 05 '11

Ha! I don't recall having read your description before! I agree on all points, ditto. It's fun and good creative exercise, and have obviously done it myself, but it's a hell of a lot easier to make shit up!

tinocordes said on Sep. 13 '11

Thats so true! And the worst part is when you have worked so hard and finally make a good logo, but the client dosn't see it :D

logomotive said on Oct. 05 '11

This Logo will be included in Maggie Macnab's new book, Design by Nature.

type and signs said on Oct. 07 '11

oh sensei ... that's brilliant!!

Flit said on Dec. 11 '11


logomotive said on Apr. 20 '12

Thanks again Type and Signs and Flit.

UnCoindPixel said on May. 09 '12

Juste gnial *** Awesooome !

xlumen said on Aug. 07 '12

just perfect.

Azacarias7 said on Oct. 07 '12

Just saw this badboy on msn.com congrats looks awesome!


logomotive said on Oct. 08 '12

^ That's pretty cool.
Thanks guys!

shinobi said on Nov. 09 '12


logomotive said on Mar. 15 '13

Thanks for the massive views,floats and comments. :)

Type and signs said on Mar. 15 '13

luv this ............................... !!!!

Savik said on Jan. 18 '15

All your works is creative and great!

logomotive said on Jan. 19 '15

Thanks Bernd and Savik :)

logomotive said on Apr. 02 '15

chanpion said on Apr. 02 '15

Yep. and nothin much you can do about it Mike, the a-hole is in India.

logoholik said on Apr. 02 '15

they took the name too?!?!!! goddamn... what a dic*

logomotive said on Apr. 02 '15

UGGG, yeah I need to learn how to become an internet hacker for the RIGHT reasons.

ClimaxDesigns said on Apr. 02 '15


ive always side eyed these guys too

logomotive said on Apr. 02 '15

That one does not bother me. The fact that these guys took The name and Close type to my design is just, well irratating as heck.

Supamario said on Oct. 19 '15

man your so right about making fictious logos , fake it till you make it, and its good practice and have an abundance of ideas to put into use in the future.

logomotive said on Nov. 03 '15

The problem is everyone wants the same WOW result. Does not always happen in Logo Design.

logomotive said on Nov. 03 '15

Hey all you India Peeps! Designers? show some Respect! http://elefontdesign.com/

Supamario said on Nov. 03 '15

The wow effect is what makes me design. I aim to get that out of all of my work a sort of aha when the viewer finds it out. But your right it sometimes doesnt happen

logomotive said on Nov. 03 '15

Might be useful in the future.

ru_ferret said on Nov. 03 '15

I face the same problem from time to time. They want their logo to be as clever as Pelican, for example.

logomotive said on Nov. 23 '15


Firebrand said on Nov. 23 '15

I hope you got a trunkful.

xDick said on Nov. 23 '15


logomotive said on Nov. 23 '15

^^ :) good one Roy.

logoholik said on Nov. 23 '15

Hopefully not a trunkful of peanuts :) Congrats Mike!

logomotive said on Nov. 23 '15

Ha Bojan another goodie. I did OK :)

ramihoballah said on Feb. 04 '16

Love it!

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