by TKhoury • Uploaded: Oct. 25 '08
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Description: CONCEPT

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques


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janzabransky said on Oct. 26 '08

very well executed

TKhoury said on Oct. 26 '08

thank you janzabransky

tkhoury said on Oct. 26 '08

thanks Tonfue

juliek said on Oct. 26 '08

omg this is so cool! how did you do the effect where it lifts up? just shading?

gthobbs said on Oct. 26 '08

Very cool. Also good opportunity for just the counter of the P to fold up. Either way...nice.

muSCle said on Oct. 27 '08

Would be even cooler if you change the name to "folded page" that way the hidden "f" followed by the "P" would make more sense...


magicshadow said on Oct. 27 '08

oo yes i like it.

clever mark :)

SpiffyJ said on Oct. 27 '08

Wowwie! excellent concept.

TKhoury said on Oct. 27 '08

thank you muscle for the comments i will try it.

OcularInk said on Oct. 28 '08

Clever concept and very well executed. Nice work, bud.

lusca said on Oct. 28 '08

I would choose the other one (fold it) but this one is great too

logotivity said on Oct. 28 '08

Only if the name was Fold Page.. Nice work..

logomotive said on Oct. 30 '08

^ TRUE that! I actually think this design is way better that your fold it IMO. I can see this working as a solid B/W also. Just me but I prefer this design.

cerise said on Oct. 30 '08

The shading looks better on this one

proenca said on Nov. 04 '08

i want to see a version without shading :) just two colors

THEArtistT said on Nov. 06 '08

Excellent concept! Very clever and eye catching.

tkhoury said on Nov. 08 '08

thank you

TKhoury said on Nov. 09 '08

thank you Houston-we

whams said on Nov. 18 '08

let me see it in B/W...

innov8ional said on Nov. 20 '08

Excellent, excellent composition, shading, and strong color usage. Bravo.

DisTrA said on Nov. 29 '08


inorax said on Jan. 29 '09

Very original and excellent like the other. =)

shaunvelka said on Apr. 04 '09

Hey man good control of lighting. god job.

s7even said on Apr. 21 '09

not trying to stir any trouble here but just FYI... http://joefino.com/Pages_1/S21.html

maloo9898 said on Apr. 22 '09

This logo is amazing. It isn't just the fold in the 'P', the use of light in the letter and the shadow is just brilliant.

maloo9898 said on Apr. 22 '09

n oh, i just saw the letter 'F' when the 'P' is folded. Double brilliant.

patentico said on May. 16 '09

clever. just f* clever. :)

jeomt said on May. 18 '09

awwsommmee !!!

andreiu said on Jun. 04 '09

very strong mark

polbadman said on Feb. 18 '11


Iflexion said on Apr. 07 '11


Ardelia.Lacy said on Apr. 28 '11

Clever concept and very well executed. Nice work, bud.

davecc said on Jul. 08 '11

The 3d effects really stands out on this one, keep 'em coming!

vigrx said on Jul. 10 '11

This logo is amazing.

kız oyunları said on Oct. 18 '11

Very cool. Also good opportunity for just the counter of the P to fold up. Either way...nice.

BrianDOH said on Oct. 27 '11

Hey heads up!! Im not sure but it seems that http://www.entheosweb.com/inspiration/logo_design_ideas.asp is stealing your logo design and making it look like they designed it. Along with many others here on Logopond.

Flash-maN said on Jul. 23 '14


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