by HayesImage • Uploaded: Jan. 28 '08
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Description: Dip. Practice Ambigram.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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OcularInk said on Jan. 28 '08

Wow, Hayes. I'm impressed. This has a sense of style to it, and it evokes the word well too. I didn't read it as 'dip' straight away, but now that I know what it says that's all I see. Kudos!!

leighton_hubbell said on Jan. 28 '08

Very cool. The fun part is working with them in a layout situation. It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities to the overall design. Have fun;)

ramsak said on Jan. 28 '08

Avesome! I love it.

Hayes Image said on Jan. 28 '08

Wow, what a pleasant response, thanks guys :)

logomotive said on Jan. 28 '08

Kudos bud, nice ambigram

Hayes Image said on Jan. 28 '08

Thanks Mike!!

shiimera said on Jan. 28 '08

Great Concept, i love it.

Maybe if you try to make the d and p round smaller, it seem like a head with big ears btw.

Hayes Image said on Jan. 28 '08

You may be onto something there Shiimera :) Cheers

onesummer said on Jan. 29 '08

nice one! now try a word with 4 letters...the more letters you add, the harder it gets!

Hayes Image said on Jan. 29 '08

Thanks onesummer...I got a couple more in the works :)

metico said on Jan. 31 '08

if that's practice, I can't wait to see the real deal...haha. Great job.

Hayes Image said on Jan. 31 '08

Cheers Mertico :)

AlexWende said on Feb. 02 '08

nice and make sense :D

Hayes Image said on Feb. 02 '08

Thanks Alex :)

Hayes Image said on Feb. 02 '08

Really? Cool! Thanks David :)

ryantoyota said on Feb. 02 '08

Yeah, this works great. I read it as "dip" right away, and didn't realize it was an ambigram until seeing it on the logopond front page a second time.

Hayes Image said on Feb. 02 '08

Yeah, I know what you mean Ryan. I think it's because typical ambigrams are based on script & blackletter typefaces, they almost look 'antique'.

Although I was looking at Aztec/Inca carvings whilst sketching this up, I wanted to set it apart from the typical ones by giving it a more 'futuristic' edge.

Thanks :)

dache said on Feb. 03 '08

I think a real sense of achivement will come to you if you use some harder letters while practicing. The three letters used are a little easy but if its your first time in using this technique why not.
There are reasons to using ambigrams. Beginning a project saying to yourself you want to make an ambigram and then finding letters to work around it isnt really the reality of the professional world.

Hayes Image said on Feb. 03 '08

Yeah I see what you're saying, I decided to start off with a 3 letter form & then see where I'm at from there...

I did upload a slightly more complicated one last night;


kevadamson said on Feb. 03 '08

Nice mate nice. My only point would be that it would be nice to use a more fluid font (like your 'beast' example) so that you also get that kind of 'dip' feeling. 'Dip' to me suggests things like: fluid, water, flowing, smooth, relaxing etc.

Hayes Image said on Feb. 03 '08

Hey Kev, I see what you're saying, in way that's why I didn't take that approach...to me, being hard edge & slightly unsettling it makes the eye complete the ambigram process.

If it 'were' calming (& this is just my opinion) I'd imagine people look at it, be content & then stop thinking about it, making the ambigram motion a little muted.

The initial concept was; "I want to 'dip' it into the (logo)pond." :)

ebDesign said on Feb. 03 '08

Fabulous, I saw dip right away.

Respiro said on Feb. 03 '08

Lovely! :)

Hayes Image said on Feb. 03 '08

Thanks Guys :)

darrel said on Feb. 04 '08

that 'i' really pops! Nice one.

Hayes Image said on Feb. 04 '08

Cheers Darrel!!

a*myth said on Mar. 09 '08

sleek :)

Hayes Image said on Mar. 09 '08

Thanks A*Myth :)

estremke said on Dec. 14 '08

I do like the 'dip,' idea, but I read 'clip,' only because of the following:

9th Row, 3rd Column.

Still good though.

Hayes Image said on Feb. 20 '09

Comes with the territory :)

mabu said on May. 13 '09


Hayes Image said on Jul. 11 '10

Thanks Mads :)

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