by YanaMakarevich • Uploaded: Nov. 13 '12
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Description: Power tools

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: powerletteringnegative spacelightningtools

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Mikeymike said on Nov. 13 '12

cleverly negative space with the bolt.

palattecorner said on Nov. 13 '12

superab negative space logo:)

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 14 '12

Thank you guys! Finally I'm here)

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 14 '12

Love that lightning bolt.

Dan. said on Nov. 14 '12

I love how subtle the bolt is!

1ta said on Nov. 15 '12

perfect ...

russpate said on Nov. 15 '12


yhanktou said on Nov. 15 '12

Strong and simple. Good work.

milash said on Nov. 15 '12

looks like yours was first

ColinTierney said on Nov. 15 '12

yeah i commented on the logo referencing yours. i think dribbble gave it a 'coaches' pick' which is unfortunate.

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 15 '12

Thank you ColinTierney, I was surprised of this situation.
What does it mean 'coaches pick'?

tabithakristen said on Nov. 15 '12

Yana, I commented on Dribbble but, I'd like to say it here as well.

I personally prefer your execution to Fontfabric's on the Bolt word mark, regardless of who did it first. :)

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 15 '12

Thank you, it easy, just look at the dates

ClimaxDesigns said on Nov. 15 '12

I was about to say ' i think it would look better if the crossbar on the t and and the l's slants were in the other direction' then it hit me like ... a lighting bolt.

ColinTierney said on Nov. 15 '12

agree with tabitha. your execution is far better imo. anyway, a coaches' pick is when dribbble's admins announce something they like on dribbble via twitter. this allows for the designer's 'shot' or post to get a lot more views and likes and slowly creep up the popularity page.

hyperborea said on Nov. 16 '12

amazing yeah!

brammoolenaar said on Nov. 16 '12

Very subtle! Took me some time to see it.

lecart said on Nov. 16 '12

Yeah, that's quite a clever one, congrats! Where could I see the other one you guys are talking about? And cheers to everyone, it's been some time since I commented here.

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 16 '12

Thank you Lecart, the other logo was deleted by dribbble.

kastelov said on Nov. 17 '12

Impressive work, Yana. Glad to see the dribbble issue resolved so quickly with the minimal amount of blood spilled.

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 17 '12

Thank you!

effendy said on Nov. 18 '12

So stoked to see this logo got featured here Yana. Kudos!

neilss1 said on Nov. 20 '12

Why did they not use this clients are eeeeeeediots. Awesome job!!!

YanaMakarevich said on Nov. 21 '12

Mura, you can read about it on dribbble.

logomotive said on Nov. 22 '12

^ I agree. So perfect for a power tool Co.

smallbig-design said on Nov. 27 '12

This is awesome :) saw the bolt, great use of the negative space

vidu said on Nov. 28 '12

Nice work!

hive said on Apr. 24 '13

Hey! your logos are great! (s-hillman@hotmail.co.uk) Im looking to get one made, if you would be interested please contact my email!

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