by ColinTierney • Uploaded: Apr. 16 '12
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Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Mikeymike said on Apr. 16 '12

some awesome letting, Colin.

Gaffa said on Apr. 16 '12

Yes, this looks even better vectorized than sketched!

levogrin said on Apr. 16 '12

Nice, I like!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 16 '12

mikey, filip, levon, thank you guys for the comments.

michaelspitz said on Apr. 16 '12

Looking good Colin.

atomicvibe said on Apr. 16 '12

Looks great, my man!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 16 '12

michael good to hear from you man. jon, how about a beer soon?

chanpion said on Apr. 17 '12

Class all the way my man.

But are you willing to give up your old one? ; )

Vergad said on Apr. 17 '12

Lovely bit of type work Colin.

effendy said on Apr. 17 '12

Perfect work Colin!

bartodell said on Apr. 17 '12

Very nice letterforms here. Loving the incorporation of the C in the T!

stevan said on Apr. 17 '12

Great one!

dotflo said on Apr. 17 '12

great job here Colin, congrats

belc said on Apr. 17 '12

good letters!

struve said on Apr. 17 '12

love it

ocularink said on Apr. 17 '12

Looking good, Colin. I love when you can pull part of a logotype and use it as a mark. Having the hidden C in there worked out really well.

yhanktou said on Apr. 17 '12

great work man

ColinTierney said on Apr. 17 '12

thank you all for the comments. i appreciate each and every one of them.

nickhood said on Apr. 17 '12

Great letters, Colin!

rokis said on Apr. 17 '12

I love it!

atomicvibe said on Apr. 17 '12

YESSSSS! Glad to see this gettin' some gallerizationalistic love!

julius seniunas said on Apr. 17 '12

Cooooooliiiiinnnnn! My man :) !!

AlexWende said on Apr. 17 '12

Great flow, this is awesome Colin!

designabot said on Apr. 18 '12

NIce one Colin!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 18 '12

once again, thank you all for the support. it's nice to read these knowing that they come from excellent designers.

garychew1984 said on Apr. 18 '12

great lettering! nice flow!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 20 '12

thank you gary.

pjmaster said on Apr. 24 '12

Colin you did great job here. Congrats homie!

ColinTierney said on Apr. 26 '12

jovan, i appreciate that man.

logomotive said on Apr. 26 '12

Colin, I like it. The question is are you 100% Happy or content with it? That's what matters most. Just curious how you feel about it :)

ColinTierney said on Apr. 26 '12

thanks mike. i'd say all in all i'm pretty happy with the end result. i've told others that along with my rebrand, i feel like this could be a new chapter in my design career.

ladygrey said on Oct. 24 '12

tasty flow of letters

ColinTierney said on Nov. 01 '12

thank you lady.

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