by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Jan. 27 '12

Description: Custom wordmark from scratch.


Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: wordmarkcustomtypographytypebrand

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effendy said on Jan. 27 '12

Type is really cool Paul!

ColinTierney said on Jan. 27 '12

really cool presentation and unique letterforms, except i read ease before pase.

action said on Jan. 27 '12

Thank you guys very much for your thoughts!
@Colin, it is because of unique letter P I think :)

nickhood said on Jan. 28 '12

Neat type, Paul!

action said on Jan. 28 '12

Thanks, Nick! :)

Kliment said on Jan. 28 '12

nice nice ;))

action said on Jan. 28 '12

Kliment, thank you man!

balic said on Jan. 28 '12

Very nice type!
I red Rase, Zase, Sase and didn't see P untill I red the name above.

action said on Jan. 29 '12

Luka, thanks! :)

james ewin designs said on Jan. 29 '12


action said on Jan. 29 '12

Thank you, James!

action said on Jan. 29 '12

Thierry, glad to know that! Thanks :)

rokis said on Jan. 30 '12

Read it pase... no probs with that P.. great work :)

action said on Jan. 30 '12

Aciu! Gerai kad nors tau jis aiskus :)

Gotty said on Jan. 30 '12

"P" seems legible to me! I kinda don't like this - reversed a - "e". Great work anyway.

DAMARAPUTRA said on Jan. 30 '12

the combination between image and type is really match up. congrats!

action said on Jan. 31 '12

Thanks you guys! Appreciated :)

oias said on Feb. 04 '12

Few elements and repetition
itīs a nice combination, very
authentic work, nice type.

action said on Feb. 05 '12

@Oscar, thank you for your opinion! :)

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