by ColinTierney • Uploaded: Nov. 16 '11
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Status: Client work

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Tags: vintageowlphotography

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notjelly said on Nov. 16 '11

Fantastic detail. Great work!

camisa15 said on Nov. 16 '11

:) good!

Lo said on Nov. 16 '11

great :)

lumavine said on Nov. 16 '11

Great style!

atomicvibe said on Nov. 16 '11

Yo Colin, this is freakin' awesome, bruv! I love the old school approach. I know it's very time consuming, but the end result is so worth it. Looks fantastic, and seems to be exactly what your client wanted. Win, win. Great idea to use stippled shading. Must've taken you forever.

As I look at this, the type almost has a tattoo flash quality to it. I love it.

ColinTierney said on Nov. 17 '11

thank you all for the comments and floats. jon, the client is very happy and i think i am coming around to it as well. as easy as it is to draw and scan something in, this surprisingly took the longest time to get just right.

lumavine said on Nov. 17 '11

Is there a subtle cross in the top part? I saw that more in the thumbnail, just curious. Like it very much!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 17 '11

luma, you are quite good at picking out subtleties in my works. i believe you did that with one of my other logos. again, not intentional, but good find!

Mikeymike said on Nov. 17 '11

damn, sweet work, Colin. Love it.

ColinTierney said on Nov. 17 '11

thanks mikeymichael.

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 17 '11

Such a great job, Colin!

avets said on Nov. 17 '11

very interesting

Type and Signs said on Nov. 17 '11

Colin ... so beautiful man ... great piece of art !

ColinTierney said on Nov. 17 '11

never thought this style would reach the front page. thanks for the comments and spot!

logomotive said on Nov. 17 '11

Love the natural artsy feel of it.

nickhood said on Nov. 17 '11

This has a very distinct style. Nice job.

hertzpectiv said on Nov. 17 '11

great piece!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 18 '11

mike, nick, hertz, thank you all for the words.

atomicvibe said on Nov. 18 '11

'grats on the front page slot, bud! Well-deserved!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 20 '11

thanks jon and same to you.

sbdesign said on Nov. 20 '11

Colin, did not expect:)

sbdesign said on Nov. 20 '11

Maybe - dirty pantograph?

jkbrams said on Nov. 20 '11

awesome logo!

a saw an owl, what the meaning of its? (sory for my bad english :) )

ColinTierney said on Nov. 20 '11

sergey, thanks? that damn language barrier. joko, your english is just fine, and thanks for your comment. the owl represents a reoccurring theme with the photographer and her creativity. simply put, she loves owls.

sbdesign said on Nov. 20 '11

I do not understand what you mean

BuroBlauwBrug said on Nov. 20 '11

very nicely done! love it!

john____ said on Nov. 20 '11

Alittle bit darker maybe ?

Dan. said on Nov. 21 '11

a worthy gallery piece. well done!

designabot said on Nov. 22 '11

Love this piece Colin!

balic said on Nov. 22 '11

Interesting process ;)
I like the monogram on the bottom.

ColinTierney said on Nov. 22 '11

rien, john, dan, rich and luka...thank you all for your comments.

grigoriou said on Nov. 22 '11

The owl style reminds me of my favorite books as a child, Berentain Bears... this is fantastic!

moisespb said on Nov. 22 '11

fantastic work, gorgeous brand, nice details and a different style. I really enjoyed.

harvey said on Nov. 23 '11

so nice, great job!

ColinTierney said on Nov. 28 '11

thank you all very much for the comments. gregory i remember those books and i loved them.

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