by Stevan • Uploaded: Nov. 04 '11
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Description: exploring keeps us alive

Status: Just for fun

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type and signs said on Nov. 04 '11

this one I like ...float and fave ... got the essence of great logo work ...

samdemastrie said on Nov. 04 '11


avets said on Nov. 04 '11

Thanks TAS. Appreciate.
Pacman...really...I didn't notice till now ...another point of view - great!

type and signs said on Nov. 05 '11

oh no ... no ... really not only pacman ... ;D ... essence .... simple: one color, positive/negative space ... great effect: biiiiig story .... and ... ok ... a bit Pacman

Type08 said on Nov. 07 '11

This would work so much better if the brand name had an E for initial, instead of C. Like 'Experience' for example...

avets said on Nov. 07 '11

You're so right Type08. That will be entirety with the mark. Thanks for advice!

dean_brown said on Nov. 08 '11

i thought pacman haha :) nice logo, great font as well

Type08 said on Nov. 16 '11

Yup, much better! :)

Different Perspective said on Nov. 16 '11

very nice!

nandy said on Nov. 16 '11

Good job, the font can improve

atomicvibe said on Nov. 16 '11

Smart. I really like the simplicity, and it's clever without looking like it's trying too hard to be clever.

Sean Heisler said on Nov. 16 '11

Very nice. I actually see a lower case e in there, was that not intentional?

wizemark said on Nov. 16 '11

Bravo, Stevane! ;)

logtek said on Nov. 16 '11

nice work!

Mad Skimo said on Nov. 16 '11


ColinTierney said on Nov. 16 '11

i love everything about this.

dotflo said on Nov. 16 '11

amazing mark mate, love this

balic said on Nov. 16 '11

So great!
Wonderful negative space and colors fit so well.
My favourite of all your logos so far!

avets said on Nov. 16 '11

wow..such a simple thing and such a bunch of great reactions.
many thanks to everyone!
@ Sean Heisler - in first place that was "c" but Type08 was a better observer than me and suggests "e". Hit the center
hvala Kiro ! :)
Thanks a ton

Mikeymike said on Nov. 16 '11

very cool approach.

Lukedesign said on Nov. 17 '11

Amazing, love negative space logos. GJ!

avets said on Nov. 17 '11

Thanks Mike,Luke! Appreciate it!

hertzpectiv said on Nov. 17 '11

simple and clever...

ocularink said on Nov. 18 '11

Clever little solution. Love the subtle hidden 'e'.

Pierro said on Nov. 18 '11

Clean and clever dude.

avets said on Nov. 20 '11

thanks for comments guys

GopsokLa said on Nov. 20 '11

I found this very cute.

pjmaster said on Nov. 21 '11

This is great.

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Nov. 22 '11

really nice graphic here:)

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