by PauliusKairevicius • Uploaded: Oct. 08 '11
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Description: Personal project

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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action said on Oct. 08 '11

Is letter M and t-shirt in negative space visible enough?

designtofeel said on Oct. 08 '11

Perhaps you could make the border around the M dark gray and leave the shirt red? I really like it, but it is quite subtle, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

action said on Oct. 08 '11

@Sam, I think I will make the entire corporate identity for this and I wanted mark only in one color :)

designtofeel said on Oct. 08 '11

Yeah, in that case, I think it's great and will work just fine.

type and signs said on Oct. 08 '11

as I said on drib ... f a n t a s t i c ... !

joeprince said on Oct. 08 '11

This is great brother.

action said on Oct. 08 '11

Thank you very much! Appreciated :)

nitish.b said on Oct. 08 '11


jonnyd said on Oct. 08 '11

Clever idea

action said on Oct. 08 '11

Nitish, Justin, Johny, thank you very much!

Mikeymike said on Oct. 09 '11

frickin awesome. nice one indeed.

action said on Oct. 09 '11

@Mikey, wohoo! Thanks for your comment :):)

dotflo said on Oct. 09 '11

yea, this is great man

action said on Oct. 10 '11

Thank you Florin :)

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 10 '11

Very clever, Paul, love it!

action said on Oct. 10 '11

It's very nice to hear something from you :) Thanks, Sean!

jands said on Oct. 11 '11

it is pure gallery stuff , isnt it ? Great work !

effendy said on Oct. 11 '11

I totally agree with Julius.

lumavine said on Oct. 11 '11

Really fantastic! Totally works in one color. It would look sweet on a tag.

action said on Oct. 11 '11

@Julius and Ali, thanks a bunch! Now I know how you like this logo :)
@Luma, its very nice to hear some good words from this month featured guy! Thank you very much!
By the way, congratulations with your spot in featured section :)

fathlon said on Oct. 24 '11

every piece of your work is so clever, wow...

LadyGrey said on Oct. 24 '11

Good graphic sign!

Agencija said on Oct. 24 '11


gilevad said on Oct. 24 '11

Very good.

jands said on Oct. 24 '11

ooo zjbs , pagaliau pateko :D !

congratulations !

Lecart said on Oct. 24 '11

Great find!

aviat- said on Oct. 24 '11

Wonderful idea and execution.

Different Perspective said on Oct. 24 '11

Veery clever!

wizemark said on Oct. 24 '11

A nice solution.

cleber said on Oct. 24 '11

wow! very cool and clever.

13mu said on Oct. 24 '11

good good good

robin21 said on Oct. 24 '11

Niiiiicceeeeeeeee!!! IMO the shirt could be a little bit taller, so the proportions are true. But it's great anyway!

action said on Oct. 24 '11

Wow its a nice surprise to see my logo in the gallery, really thank you logopond for that!

And I see that there are so many good words about it :)
Big thank's to all swimmers and commenters, love you guys!!!

balic said on Oct. 24 '11

Great logo!
The shirt is subtle, but I don't think that's a problem, it makes it more interesting.
Maybe you can try make the "M" red so that shirt in negative space is white. But this is great anyway.

logo design- said on Oct. 24 '11

I like it the way it is..

ColinTierney said on Oct. 24 '11

congrats paul.

jkbrams said on Oct. 24 '11

great! awesome, n so cute ?? dont think so right? hehehe,

Nagual said on Oct. 24 '11

Cool! )

nickhood said on Oct. 24 '11

Very good, Paul!

huaray said on Oct. 24 '11

Very good. I like it!

bega said on Oct. 24 '11

Very cool man.

Congrats from Brazil.

action said on Oct. 25 '11

Thank you so much!

Vergad said on Oct. 25 '11

You just can't beat a clever use of negative space. Well done!

cpuentes23 said on Oct. 25 '11

Wow Amazing

raja said on Oct. 25 '11


I had a client, and I came up with this solution last year


raja said on Oct. 25 '11

action said on Oct. 26 '11

@Raja, your logo is one of my most favourite :)

camisa15 said on Oct. 26 '11

the typography is not the best but i love the symbol.

jands said on Oct. 26 '11

1000oji perziura mano :D !

action said on Oct. 27 '11

@camisa, thank you :)
@Juliua, lucky you@!: D

pjmaster said on Oct. 28 '11


action said on Dec. 27 '11

Thanks, Jovan! :)

anardlogo said on Mar. 11 '12

love it! one of my faves :)

SirDrew said on May. 05 '14

Very nice work with the negative space! oh yeah

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