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Description: KeyZion, located in Silicon Valley and Asia-Pacific is an independent information technology company. I have used the idea of a cube as a base to create the letters K & Z. The type is custom

As seen on: http://www.dache.ch/

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nido said on Apr. 26 '07

as uasual dache your work is pleasing to the eye & very admirable! love the custom font & colours used & the mark is beautifull!... however (lol)... its the ascender on the 'k' that looks a bit (& just a bit) awkward, but maybe i stared at it too long. good stuff mate.

chanpion said on Apr. 26 '07

Thats got to be one of the best translucent gradient effect I have seen for a long time! And the custom type, perfect. Compliments each other very well. Another great piece of work David.

Don't worry about my friend nido there. He likes to stare. It just means he's missed his medication, thats all ; p

Thomas said on Apr. 26 '07

Very nice! Very good combination of translucent effect and lettered shape creation!

OcularInk said on Apr. 26 '07

Not your typical 'Dache' style, but still great! Took me a second to see the K and Z...I think that makes it more interesting. Good one, dude!!

dache said on Apr. 26 '07

Thankyou for the positive feedback.

lisenocalis said on May. 08 '07

really like the balance and the colors. great work

dache said on May. 29 '07

Thanks :)

kaimere said on May. 29 '07

how did i miss this ! have to say kick ass .. very nice ....

dache said on May. 29 '07

Thank you, I appreciate it. :)

moverdrive said on Sep. 19 '07

Smoooth. This is really unique and would be easily brand-able.

dache said on Oct. 11 '07

Thanks Michael :^)

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