Kombi Coffee

by Rokac • Uploaded: Jan. 31 '10
Gallerized Jun. '11 e14e700f676b29af8b1ad01f71c8f9ca.png

Description: Logo for a company that delivers coffee. For their deliveries they use retro VW Kombi Vans:)

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Status: Unused proposal

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sbj said on Feb. 01 '10

looks inspired by some of recent gallery entries!
just thought sorry if im wrong!

Rokac said on Feb. 01 '10

Thanks for your thoughts sbj but I have to disagree.

sbj said on Feb. 01 '10

Just saw ur previous logos, u have some best ones under ur belt.
for this logo, r u also see a metro train feeling in this VW?

Rokac said on Feb. 01 '10

No problem mate, all cool.
Thanks for your kind words.
"Metro feeling"? Yes, a little bit:)
Hmm who knows, maybe in near future they will expand business to subway deliveries:)

brandclay said on Feb. 01 '10

@sbj - what are you talking about?

nitish.b said on Feb. 01 '10

i ges he is talking about this

Rokac said on Feb. 01 '10

^Thanks for that nitish.
Yes there are similarities but... Client wanted a simple VW Kombi silhouette incorporated in his logo and I had no choice. Also logo will primary be used on plastic coffee cups, hence the circular shape of logo. To be honest my inspiration was Starbucks logo.
Thanks for your thoughts guys!

sbj said on Feb. 01 '10

Thanks Rokac!
Nitish too!

milou said on Jun. 16 '11

Gallerized?! Haha, sounds good!

Type08 said on Jun. 16 '11

I should have put the TM on that term ;)

dannygdammit said on Jun. 16 '11

VW buses make me happy :)

Mikeymike said on Jun. 16 '11

looking good. nice indeed.

cpuentes23 said on Jun. 16 '11

Classic style!

vergad said on Jun. 16 '11

nice one. and i like the idea.

Rokac said on Jun. 18 '11

Thanks a lot guys!
"The Logopond Brothers - Gallerized" :)

Type08 said on Jun. 20 '11

@ Rocky: LOL! Interpreted by Weird Al Yankovic ;)

Rokac said on Jun. 20 '11

Hehe, love that band:)

ColinTierney said on Nov. 04 '11

missed this. again great job. you have an outstanding showcase, rokac.

Rokac said on Nov. 05 '11

I really appreciate your support and kind words Colin. Tryin my best ;)

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