Message! In a bottle

by Type08 • Uploaded: Sep. 03 '09
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Description: Logo for a client from Vancouver, Canada. They will be launching private label wines from which 50% of the profits will go to the designated charities and will be distributed throughout the province. They also plan to develop few more sub brands and all of those will use the 'message graphic' as the core of every new logo.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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logomotive said on Sep. 03 '09

FRICKEN GREAT! just eliminate that right side flare. FAV!

j-CAZ said on Sep. 03 '09

This is fantastic. I agree with Mike on the flare too.

lundeja said on Sep. 03 '09

I like your style, like your moves. Immediately got my attention in the gallery.

fogra said on Sep. 03 '09

I'm really jealous. Well done buddy :)

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

Guys, thanks a lot, you made my evening! :)
Mike and J, the idea was to keep the visual elements opened (bottle in this case) and to create a form that might send out the point of 'continuous efforts': that's why I suggested to use the multicolor lines in application phase (label design, brochures, t shirts, posters, etc) as the secondary graphic elements that will start at that point from the mark...
Lunde and Sean, 1 love! :)

logomotive said on Sep. 03 '09

IMO not needed though and is kinda distracting, as it is already open?? but hey not stepping on toes cause I love it regardless.

Firebrand said on Sep. 03 '09

Floated and faved Alen!

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

No probs Mike, I really appreciate your comment. Who knows, maybe we will adjust that a bit, it's still some sort of WIP...
Nima, thanks buddy! :)

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

Roy, thanks a lot! WOW! Means a lot my man!

tass said on Sep. 03 '09

Awesome idea!

vld said on Sep. 03 '09

Well done, Alen!

itsgareth said on Sep. 03 '09

Played dude

geniuslogo said on Sep. 03 '09

Lovely logo Alen!

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

Alex, Vladimir, Gareth, Milosh, thanks a lot my friends!

OcularInk said on Sep. 03 '09

Very clever, dude.

Brandsimplicity said on Sep. 03 '09

Floated and Faved. This is a jaw dropper bro!!!

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

Kevin and Fabian, thank you logo masters! :)

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 03 '09

Great one Alen! congrats.

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '09

Thanks, Rudy!

oski said on Sep. 03 '09

Congratubottlietion! This is bloody beautiful.

lboi said on Sep. 03 '09

I love this! Great work Alen :-)

alterego said on Sep. 03 '09

just great :)

dotflo said on Sep. 04 '09

great one again

Type08 said on Sep. 04 '09

Radek, Sneh, Shylesh, Capota, thanks a lot people! I appreciate it!

cseven said on Sep. 04 '09

Clever idea, well executed, Nice one Alen.
Again showing why you're one of my favourite designers on LP.

eziemac said on Sep. 04 '09

sweet, nice work lad!

doodlecow said on Sep. 04 '09

great logo dude !!

Type08 said on Sep. 04 '09

Thierry, Chris, Euan, Mario, thanks a lot guys!

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 04 '09

now, this is creative :)

crislabno said on Sep. 04 '09

Indeed lovely mark. Good job!

Type08 said on Sep. 04 '09

Rodolfo and Cris, thank you fellaz!

designabot said on Sep. 05 '09

stunning work mate

wizemark said on Sep. 05 '09

Nicely done! fav

Type08 said on Sep. 05 '09

Rich and Srdjan, thank you mates!

Rokac said on Sep. 05 '09

Sweet:) Good job..

Type08 said on Sep. 07 '09

Roko, Anthony and David, thanks a lot!

vasvari said on Sep. 07 '09

Its great!

siah-design said on Sep. 07 '09

Brilliant, Alan :D

Petro said on Sep. 07 '09

Great concept! So simple and laconically!

pjmaster said on Sep. 07 '09

I love this one !

Type08 said on Sep. 07 '09

Peter, Siah, Peter and Jovan, thanks a bunch!

andreiu said on Sep. 07 '09

the master of blaster strikes again! :P

JohnM said on Sep. 07 '09

such elegance! floated n faved alen! truly awesome!

ethereal said on Sep. 07 '09

This is great!

Type08 said on Sep. 07 '09

Andreiu, John and Sean, thanks a lot! :)

muse7 said on Sep. 07 '09

beautiful! I love the color treatment and simplicity.

cobaltcow said on Sep. 07 '09

yeah really impressed with this one.
simple, but immediately recognizable.

dbunk said on Sep. 08 '09


sanjay patil said on Sep. 08 '09

Very expressive
illustration, well done.

JF said on Sep. 08 '09

Communicates effectively, is memorable...nice work.

Type08 said on Sep. 08 '09

Ashley, Nathan, Sindur, Sanjay and Jay F, thank you all!

alenami@gmail.com said on Sep. 09 '09

Haha, I'm really jealous (2). Great logo!

Type08 said on Sep. 09 '09

Thanks Alexander! Don't be, just enjoy it! :)

ranganath said on Sep. 10 '09

Great piece of work there...

Type08 said on Sep. 10 '09

Thanks a lot Ranganath! Glad to you see you around here again buddy! :)

dado said on Sep. 10 '09

muuy bueno! great!

Type08 said on Sep. 10 '09

Muchas gracias, Dado! :)

jldavisdesign said on Sep. 10 '09

This concept is great. I'm new to LogoPond so tell me if I'm out of line...Please. Being a stickler for clean lines, the thickness in some parts seem to be arbitrary (for example: lower-left of bottle is very different than the bottom-right). If you glance at the logo the bottle is taken over by "Message." Since the bottle image is strong, would the client have a problem making the bottle slightly larger? If not, bolder colors may bring the type and image together more. The one thing (among others) that is very successful is the use of the darker color on the area of the message in the bottle which puts the emphasis on the letter instead of the bottle. Good work. :]

Type08 said on Sep. 11 '09

Hello, JLD! To reply on your comment: lines of the mark - I used freehand style on purpose (personal, direct)... Size of the mark - it is really more about the core brand name then the graphic itself (see the description) so I spent most of the time here achieving the balance that would support that... Bright colors used for the mark - purpose of the logo and connection with the charity idea (see the description)... Thanks for stopping by! :)

emesghali said on Sep. 11 '09

wow. amazing. i agree with removing the flare, unless it becomes more subtle and kind of fades to a soft point. i would also beef up the whole stroke so you can see it better from a distance as well. great work!

sebastiany said on Sep. 11 '09

love it

KonradK said on Sep. 12 '09


Type08 said on Sep. 14 '09

Ehsaan, Seb and Konrad, thanks a lot guys! :)

moverdrive said on Sep. 18 '09

Great icon. Really well-conceived.

Type08 said on Sep. 18 '09

Thank you, Michael!

tamarbouta said on Sep. 23 '09

Fantastic design and concept. well done

Type08 said on Sep. 23 '09

Thanks, Tamarbouta!

Type08 said on Sep. 30 '09

Thank you, Paulo!

shin said on Sep. 30 '09

Good mark... play a bit with the typo to match the logomark will be additional flair

mwiltz86 said on Oct. 07 '09

great logo!

felro said on Oct. 10 '09

70th float...good ish

Type08 said on Oct. 12 '09

Thanks Felipe and MW86!

Type08 said on Nov. 11 '09

Glad to hear that Joanna, thanks for stopping by!

dikkers said on Nov. 12 '09

it's fresh, i like! Floated.

Type08 said on Nov. 13 '09

Hey Dan, long time no see! Thanks mate!

dikkers said on Nov. 15 '09

No worries! mmm yes, i don't frequent this site as much as i'd like, own logo work has been a bit skint of late. Good to see your showcase as impressive as ever though!

Houston-we said on Nov. 17 '09

This is fantastic, Alen :)

TKhoury said on Nov. 28 '09

great... wow

Type08 said on Nov. 29 '09

Dan, Dalius and Tareq, thanks fellaz!

JoePrince said on Jan. 12 '10

I bet this one can join Club 100 by the end of the week too Alen! :)

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Yah never know! :)

Thrasher317 said on Jan. 12 '10

I mean no disrespect when I say this, but I have always felt this logo could have been better. I love the mark itself, but I've always hated the colors. The gradients ruin it for me. I think I would MUCH rather see a B&W version than the way it is now. Again, I mean no disrespect. It's just me personal taste. Has this been used on their website? I would like to see some examples of it being used.

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

I'll post b/w version as well. Client still doesn't use this in action but that's up to him and his plan.

raja said on Jan. 21 '10

excellent, TypeO8

Type08 said on Jan. 22 '10

Thanks a lot, Rajamazing! :)

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '11

Still love this one.

Type08 said on Feb. 03 '11

Thank you Mike!

gilevad said on Oct. 04 '11

Powerful work!

Type and Signs said on Oct. 04 '11

killer --- this message in a bottle work ! great !

Type08 said on Oct. 12 '11

Gilevad, T&S, thank you!

nitish said on Dec. 14 '12

Classic Mr. A

Type08 said on Dec. 17 '12

Thank you, Mr.N!

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