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milou said on Aug. 31 '09

i like the type.

j-CAZ said on Aug. 31 '09

Awesome mark you got there. I love designing with gears, they're so versatile.

itsgareth said on Aug. 31 '09


Something's gotta be done...

logoboom said on Aug. 31 '09

Are you saying you think that's a conflict gareth? I would respectfully disagree.

itsgareth said on Aug. 31 '09

I'd like to know how this design came to be?

The logo I linked to is just 3 pages into the gallery and the designers name would certainly be adequate inspiration...maybe...

If I'm wrong, I'll hold my hands up, but this rehashing and regurgitating of existing and in some cases established brands in use has got to stop. It's like this place is turning into a warehouse for a market stall (not mentioning any names) that sells knocked off Gucci handbags.

Sorry to have to post this here.

epsilon said on Aug. 31 '09

Well, the gear is widely used in a variety of computer icons, so it _is_ highly visible source of "inspiration". For example, KDE is one of two most widely used graphical frontends for Linux and its icon is "gear-based":http://kde.org.

Wizemark said on Aug. 31 '09

Whoa, guys! Easy, eh? :)
I`d like to get out here without long typing and argument, but that`s likely not gonna happen.
Aight.. first, Gareth.. i`ll do you a fav n will tell u how is this logo created no matter on your tone.. It`s kinda a rest from a project i`ve been worked on back in June. Some training PPC stuff. So, it`s created back in June, adapted and uploaded. It certainly hasn`t been created in the last few days as u saying and more important it certainly hasn`t been inspired with the Bojan`s alias which is, u must admit, simply ridiculous? lol I know for Bojan n his work very well, u really don`t have to bring that up to my attention. Besides.. ever heard for workaholic, shopaholic, whatnotholic.. ? I also know for you n your work n i really didn`t expected something like this from you. I guess u`ve been seeing stuff u don`t like around lately, but please, this ain`t the place for such a accusations n in this case you are simply wrong. Period.

Thank you, guys! ;)

itsgareth said on Aug. 31 '09

I agree, maybe I'm being a bit too serious and analytical.

You're right. I'm sorry.

nido said on Aug. 31 '09

^you're a funny guy Garry.. ;)

tbsstores said on Feb. 25 '10

Great work. Contact info for logo design?

Wizemark said on Feb. 25 '10

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