Paint the City.

by HitByReindeer • Uploaded: Aug. 13 '09
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Description: © Rodolfo Carrillo

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: negtivenegspacenegative spacered

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Type08 said on Aug. 13 '09

Fabian had to open his mouth... Thanks for that, man! :)

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 13 '09

yes, thank you VERY much! :)

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 13 '09

Oh baby..thats hot!!!

tass said on Aug. 13 '09

Yeah man this is way better!

cseven said on Aug. 13 '09

This is my pick of the bunch - great progression to get to it : )

chirp said on Aug. 14 '09

Hot diggety, this is outstanding! I like this one best of all. Of course, that was my reaction with the last one, but this time I'm serious.

bouchardoli said on Aug. 14 '09

A very strong and creative concept. Well executed. The only thing i'm not sure is the color. For me it look like blood. Why red red? I think that a nice blue can look as good as red. And the blue will be your sky over the skyline.

What do you think?

chirp said on Aug. 14 '09

^ I think it reads as Paint the Town Red, and from that perspective, it has a great recall factor.

relate said on Aug. 14 '09

I am shocked this is not in the gallery...

The only thing I'd mention is that the top edges of the lines that define the buildings do not 'curve' to match the perspective of the can. Other than that, it's fabulous.

I totally get the 'paint the town red' part of this concept. Wouldn't change it, imo.

m_molloy said on Aug. 14 '09

i think this is very cool. nice job reindeer.

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 14 '09

@brandsimplicity: thanks man, you made it happen! :D

@tass, lefty & molly: appreciated!

@cseven: thank you, it's been a fun ride :)

@bouchardoli: yes, I tried different colors, but then I was introduced to the expression "paint the town red" and decided red was the way to go!

@chirp: thanks bud, I also had that reaction to the last one, but I'm more excited with this one as well.

@relate: WOW thanks man, that's such a nice thing to say, and regarding the perspective of the paint, that's what epsilon said in the pevious one, and I agree, unfortunately my attempts to achieve it have resulted in total crap, need a little more practice :(

Thanks guys, for taking the time to comment!

Brandsimplicity said on Aug. 14 '09

You are very welcome, glad I could help refine this great concept.

D.Roark said on Aug. 15 '09

great concept! Love it.

palmateer said on Aug. 15 '09

That's one of the sexiest logos I've seen in a while. Nice!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 15 '09

thanks for your comments, D.Roark, palmateer. Cheers guys!

michaelspitz said on Aug. 15 '09

Excellent! Concept...nailed!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 16 '09

thankyou michael.

jf said on Aug. 17 '09

Hey, this is brilliant.

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 17 '09

thanks! :)

rudy hurtado said on Aug. 17 '09

Fantastico Tocayo!!! espero que lo pongan en la galeria pronto.

Great work in this one!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 17 '09

oh! un comentario del tocayo!

Muchas gracias, y Dios te oiga :D

libran005 said on Aug. 18 '09

I guess this is the best of the options...abstract and kwell..guess soon it'll hit the gallery...

m1sternoname said on Aug. 18 '09

yeah, you'd think it would have been featured by now...

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 18 '09

thanks libran, i appreciate you taking time to comment.

M1sternoname: thank you, it's such a huge compliment coming from such a talented designer!

...I'm not sure how the feature works, appearently a person named David is in charge? well, anyway, even though this piece itsn't in the gallery, it's nice to know it's appreciated by the community.

cheers ;)

JMC said on Aug. 19 '09


muse7 said on Aug. 19 '09

Hitbyreindeer - LP Gallery shall soon be painted red!

hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 19 '09

WOW! brilliant! great stuff! :)

rudy hurtado said on Aug. 20 '09

I totally agree with muse7, this one deserves to be recognized as an inspirational piece, again, great job.

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 20 '09

JMC, muse7, hindmarshdesign and rudy1 ;) thanks so much for the kind words and support, it's really flattering and encouraging!

you've all been sources of inspiration, specially my compatriotas, que llevan en alto el nombre de Mxico con su creatividad.


oski said on Aug. 22 '09

Fully agree with nima.jazireh.

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 23 '09

thanks you nima, and thankt you oski! :)

bredlipe said on Aug. 24 '09

great work!!!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 26 '09

thanks you for the comments bredlipe :)

designabot said on Aug. 27 '09

super supreme = supersupreme!

luuurq said on Aug. 27 '09

esta muy bueno :) felicidades!

hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 28 '09

thank you designabot!

gracias luca, de dnde eres? bienvenida al charco de logos :P

rudy hurtado said on Sep. 03 '09

I can't stop looking at this one, no gallery yet eh? mmmh...

lundeja said on Sep. 03 '09

It doesn't need a gallery, it speaks for itself :) 540 views, 36 floats - pretty darn good.

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 04 '09

thank you Tocayo, for your support, as for the gallery feat, I guess only time will tell ;)

thanks, Lundeja for your kind words of appreciation.

you both are extremely great designers and the fact that my work is being noticed by such talent means the world to me.

Also thanks for all the floats, everyone! I really appreciate it :)

sapeakedesign said on Sep. 04 '09

I wanted to add my praise to the party. This is by far the best of the options. Elegant.

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 04 '09

haha thanks for the praise, sapeakdesign, I wouldv'e settled for a regular comment though :P

luuurq said on Sep. 09 '09

Reno, soy de Costa Rica. Gracias por la bienvenida :)
Espero subir algunos de mis trabajos pronto para formar ms parte del charco :)

Inventiva Design said on Oct. 05 '09

I like this concept.. congratulations for your job

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 05 '09

thanks a lot, inventiva!

double a said on May. 24 '10

Very Cool

Mikeymike said on Jun. 01 '10

great concept.

hitbyreindeer said on Jun. 12 '10

Adam, Mike, i appreaciate the comment.

adambomb said on Aug. 27 '10

This is ber-brilliant.

yelds said on Aug. 27 '10


rudy hurtado said on Aug. 28 '10

I still love this one.

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 02 '10

Adam and TJ, thanks for your kind words.

Rudy, I'm still glad and honoured that you do.

JoePrince said on Oct. 27 '10

One of my favs. Wasn't this in the gallery?

hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 29 '10

Thanks Joe. Unfortunately this hasn't made the front page yet.

Pierro said on Nov. 05 '10

Great concept mate, like it.

hitbyreindeer said on Nov. 06 '10

thank you pierro, comment appreciated! :)

GreenInkStudio said on Dec. 13 '10

Just being an echo here: it should be in the gallery.

mcdseven said on Dec. 13 '10

great work.

hitbyreindeer said on Dec. 14 '10

thank you inka and paul, i appreciate it

andrewrose said on Dec. 22 '10

Negative spacing! LOVE IT!

tickey said on Dec. 22 '10

I missed it. Great work.

hitbyreindeer said on Dec. 23 '10

Thanks for the great comments Andrew and Tanmay!

alterego said on Feb. 02 '11

68 votes, more than enough positive comments, still in dark.

Type08 said on Feb. 02 '11

Although this got my first comment and vote, I still think that the city line seems flat and it doesn't follow the perspective of the can. Probably the only thing that should be adjusted to make it a master piece.

m1sternoname said on Feb. 18 '11

Yeah, paint is an unpredictable thing Alen, just like the admins here ;)

hanuman shakti said on Apr. 18 '11

I like this version a lot

rudy hurtado said on Apr. 18 '11

I still think this one is BRILLIANT!!

ru_ferret said on Jun. 15 '11

Gallery needed :)

hitbyreindeer said on Jun. 23 '11

Shylesh, Floris, Hanuman, Rudy and Nikita, I trully appreaciate your comments, thank you so much!

Alen, I'l give it a shot! its an interesting suggestion, must get around to it!

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 03 '11

Merci J-Charles :)

Goodbye Gab said on Jul. 03 '11


hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 03 '11

thanks Gabriel!

JF said on Jul. 04 '11

Agree with Type08. Line of the city buildings needs to curve to fit the perspective of the can. The type already does this, so the buildings need to match the type's perspective imho. It's a great concept; would love to see that all finally fit together so this can get into the gallery.

cnasshan said on Jul. 11 '11

I think this is top notch. floated and faved m'man. Would like to see some kind of stroke or highlight to make the paint come alive, but it works as is. My initial reaction to the buildings was the same, it's not complimenting the can. I hope this makes it to the gallery :)

orca design said on Jul. 19 '11

Clever sheeeeet!

Bernd said on Jul. 30 '11

very very very clever

nickhood said on Jul. 30 '11

Wow, what a great idea!

ColinTierney said on Aug. 09 '11

still surprised this hasn't made the front page. either way, excellent job!

nrcreative said on Aug. 11 '11

Just came across this one. . . really awesome concept and execution!

sodesign said on Aug. 22 '11

cool idea!

camisa15 said on Nov. 15 '11

Gallery right now!

atomicvibe said on Nov. 19 '11

Hey Reno, while I do agree with others' comments that the city skyline should conform to the three-dimensionality of the can, I think that conceptually, this mark is brilliant. It cleverly says a lot with very minimal forms. Really superb effort here!

logomotive said on May. 05 '16

Oldie but a goodie. :)

oscarcuriel said on May. 07 '16

nice one logomotive, exquisit selection.

rudy hurtado said on May. 09 '16

It finally got what it deserves, conceptually brilliant, tweaks needed but good enough for the gallery!!

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