by JoePrince • Uploaded: Aug. 09 '09

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tass said on Aug. 09 '09

I like the idea and the fact that is easy to be read.

square69 said on Aug. 09 '09

Very clever !!

nexqunyx said on Aug. 09 '09

%no doubt it reads "missing". clever indeed...brilliant!"%

mavric said on Aug. 10 '09

clever mate, well done


ogtbarnes said on Aug. 11 '09

really nice... simple and smart!

geniuslogo said on Sep. 09 '09

I can read "missing" too, on first look!

JF said on Sep. 10 '09

Agreed with everyone else! Clever stuff here.

j-CAZ said on Sep. 10 '09

Wait, something's mssng and i can't tell what it is.

MomentumMagazine said on Sep. 10 '09

Haha cheers guys!

almosh82 said on Sep. 27 '09

Very clever.

dbunk said on Sep. 28 '09

clever concept

Lecart said on Oct. 14 '09

This is my among my favorites around here. Cleverly funny!

premal123 said on Oct. 15 '09

i's are not there, but still everyone can read it. gr8 work.

Momentummagazine said on Oct. 27 '09

Nice to hear it's legible. Thanks everyone!

simonfenix said on Nov. 16 '09


MomentumMagazine said on Nov. 22 '09

Thanks a lot everyone!

JoePrince said on Jan. 26 '10

I know about that design from Jan, but thanks for linking anyway.

janzabransky said on Jan. 26 '10

I think theese our two logos missing and invisible are just like brother and sister, not in conflict I think :) wondering where two "I"s an one "S" are right now ;-)

fogra said on Jan. 26 '10

I had a 'MISSING' logo in my showcase too but removed it some time ago.

janzabransky said on Jan. 26 '10

Sean dont you want to make that logo not missing in you showcase, now? It should be step-brother of this :)

fogra said on Jan. 26 '10

I remember that it caused some agro back then. Don't want that to happen again :)

JoePrince said on Jan. 26 '10

^Haha Jan. They'll turn up one of these days... :)

valiant said on Jan. 28 '10

very clever :)

JoePrince said on Jan. 29 '10

Cheers on this one!

trofdot said on Feb. 03 '10

Cool! I like it!

JoePrince said on Feb. 03 '10

Thank you trofdot!

logoses.com said on Feb. 19 '10


JoePrince said on Feb. 19 '10

Cheers! Thanks to everyone.

binalogue said on Feb. 26 '10

Check out Beck's album Guero - Special Edition from 2005, it contains by now legendary visuals that includes this typographic treatment of the word missing in Beck's track "Missing".
Couldn't find an online reference though.

milou said on Feb. 26 '10

^ I've got this edition, I will take a look and post a screen if you want me to.

milou said on Feb. 26 '10

but I'm sure that Joe haven't seen that one though. People just think in similar ways.

JoePrince said on Feb. 26 '10

Please post if you find something similar.

milou said on Feb. 28 '10

ok, I've found what binalogue mentioned in his comment in Beck's Guero DVD. Here it is: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/6263/missingi.jpg

JoePrince said on Apr. 24 '10

Thanks for the links fellas, appreciate your concern.

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 15 '10

yea.. a little close but your is more legible IMO

JoePrince said on Jul. 19 '10

Thanks a lot Noetic Brands :)

Pierro said on Nov. 01 '10

Miss it!

JoePrince said on Nov. 01 '10

Something's missing alright... :P Thanks Pierro!

JoePrince said on Nov. 01 '10

Just to be clear, the comment above about this being over inspired was clearly a joke. Thanks for the support everyone. Cheers!

createur de logo said on Jan. 24 '11

I love that logo, great idea!

emwu said on Jul. 09 '11

so clever

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