Beer Garden

by SeanHeisler • Uploaded: Jul. 22 '09
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Description: Unused concept. Was at a beer garden the other day drinking some cool ones, got me thinking.

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Status: Just for fun

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Type08 said on Jul. 23 '09

I haven't, cool idea, using a beer bottle as a vase... Nice one, E! :)

ethereal said on Jul. 23 '09

Thanks, Alen! My thought is this could work well for a trendy open-air beer garden/bar where the establishment's name could be inserted such as "Alen's Beer Garden." Could be "Beer Gardener" for a web site that features a directory of beer garden's worldwide, I don't know. Thought the idea of the flower/beer gave it a humorous quality.

Type08 said on Jul. 23 '09

Although I'm not a beer lover myself, it sends out a clear message like 'beer is good for you like water for flowers'... So all of your usage ideas might work, no probs! :)

ethereal said on Jul. 23 '09

Ha! Well typically beer garden's are outdoor, open-air areas of an establishment that usually serves beer and food. I'm trying to capture that outdoor, summer, sunny aspect of a beer garden in a slightly humorous, light hearted visual I guess. Thanks!

cseven said on Jul. 23 '09

Nice one. I reckon it captures the idea well.

bhog said on Jul. 24 '09

I like beer and I like this. I've put flowers in a wine bottle before, but I haven't seen this idea used as a logo yet.

ethereal said on Jul. 26 '09

Thanks everyone!

JohnM said on Jul. 26 '09

bloody cool! long time no see sean! hope things are good :-)

mabu said on Jul. 27 '09

Nice one eth!

Farmill said on Jul. 27 '09

I love, love, love this one! But I might be a tad biased, beer being my favourite drink and all.

squarelogo said on Jul. 27 '09

My favorite type of garden. Excellent!

designabot said on Jul. 27 '09

^ lol. nice buddy

ethereal said on Jul. 27 '09

Wow, thanks everyone!

holmeshernandez said on Jul. 28 '09

Great Logo Dude

dbunk said on Jul. 28 '09

grt colors and logo

Tømme said on Jul. 28 '09

simply effective :) burps :o

brandon Barnard said on Jul. 28 '09

i will drink that

BigAl67 said on Jul. 28 '09

To the point and memorable. What else does a logo need to achieve?

knuckleheadjones said on Jul. 29 '09

Shouldn't the flower be growing towards the sun?

wiking said on Jul. 29 '09

Like knucklehead said... geez ethereal I can't believe you didn't take Phototropism into consideration when you designed this logo. -1 :)

ethereal said on Jul. 29 '09

Thanks again everyone, really appreciate it a lot!!

@knuckleheadjones: Ha! You guys think of everything. Well, I just tried flipping the flower and a friend of mine (another designer) and I were just contemplating the change for like 10 minutes and while it seemed to work well there is something with the current version that just feels more comfortable. There is something with how the flower and the bottle shadow together point to the right that feels right. The flower flipped the other way seems like you then have complexity in the symbol with opposing direction of shape. I don't know, I'm likely way over thinking it. It's an interesting observation though, thanks for posting. I may switch it, not sure.

ethereal said on Jul. 29 '09

@wiking: Ha!! :)

jennyb said on Jul. 29 '09

This is kickass E...brilliant concept!

relate said on Jul. 29 '09

It really is nice. Spot-on execution, brilliant design. Great graphics work! Congrats on getting into the gallery!

logomotive said on Jul. 29 '09

Looks like a Redneck table centerpiece to me ,we use that instead of a vase :)

dbunk said on Jul. 30 '09

@knuckleheadjones: U got the knuckles on my head. Keen observation there.

lboi said on Jul. 31 '09

I like it ;-)

ethereal said on Jul. 31 '09

Thanks again, guys! Redneck table centerpiece!!! :)

McGuire Design said on Aug. 01 '09

This is great. Nice combo that I'd never think of. Sweet Work.

m_molloy said on Aug. 10 '09

This is a cool logo. I could see this being used at a microbrewery bar. Also I love the type you used it is very fitting to the feel of the mark.

JoePrince said on Feb. 19 '10

This is great work Sean.

ethereal said on Feb. 19 '10

Thanks, Joe, and everyone!

damaraputra said on Apr. 23 '10

nice concept sean. i dont even think using that kinda logotype, but thats very match with the colour and logogram

ethereal said on Apr. 23 '10

Thanks, hanugra. Funny how that works out sometimes.

Gal said on Apr. 26 '10

Good mood.)

ethereal said on Apr. 27 '10

Appreciate it, Gal, thanks!

ethereal said on Jul. 18 '10

Appreciate the floats, peeps.

contrast8 said on Jan. 14 '11


sean heisler said on Jan. 22 '11

Thanks, Deividas!

Bernd said on Apr. 03 '11

what a mountain of impressive ID work !!!!

thanx for commenting !

Sean Heisler said on Apr. 04 '11

You are far too kind, Bernd, I appreciate it!

cresk said on May. 07 '11

Also love the colour palette.

Sean Heisler said on May. 08 '11

Glad you like it, Gert! Thanks!

bega said on Oct. 30 '11

Uma ideia bem divertida!

parabéns aqui do Brasil.

Sean Heisler said on Oct. 30 '11

Obrigado, meu amigo!

edgepixel said on Apr. 06 '12

Pretty thing.

vergad said on Oct. 31 '12


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