by Logomotive • Uploaded: Apr. 28 '09
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Description: this has probably been done before?

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penflare said on Apr. 28 '09

ive never seen it, very cool tho mike, great job

crislabno said on Apr. 28 '09

agreed with Sean

LOGOMOTIVE said on Apr. 28 '09

Thanks guys, put I imagine it's been done. Maybe not as Attack but the negative space most likely.

dsauna said on Apr. 28 '09

I knew this one was yours before seeing your name. Great like always

firebrand said on Apr. 29 '09

Strong as always, Mike. :)

Brandsimplicity said on Apr. 29 '09

Nicely done Big fella!

dbunk said on Apr. 29 '09

wow, this one hurts !

logomotive said on Apr. 29 '09

Cheers guys, thanks for the comments.

momentummagazine said on May. 01 '09

Very cool. Why the spelling of attack with only 1 't'?

Brandsimplicity said on May. 01 '09

lol..take a look again..A tack...get it:)

cake_sama said on May. 02 '09

A tack, cool man

logomotive said on May. 03 '09

^^ yep it's just A Tack.

hindmarshdesign said on May. 12 '09

yeah i like this one better. Looks like a sword as well as a tac. :)

sebastiany said on May. 31 '09

I never saw it either

tango217 said on May. 31 '09

love it

S.Aslan said on Jun. 01 '09

me to ;)

heniv181 said on Jun. 01 '09

First of all, since english isn't my first language i didn't know what a "tac" is. but my first impression was "that looks a hell of alot like a butt"....

However, when i learnt what it was is made alot more sense and looked alot better. =)

logomotive said on Jun. 01 '09

Thanks all.
@heniv81 ha ha, I guess people have been at attacked in that position too.

The whole concept was more geared towards attacking a job or task such as business therefore the tack as in tack it up plan.

j-CAZ said on Jun. 01 '09

OUCH!! I'm having a letter atack, get me some aspirin. Great idea, kudos.

clint said on Jun. 02 '09

Great Work.
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esotericsean said on Jun. 03 '09

Funniest logo ever! :D

chalet-charlevoix said on Jun. 05 '09

never seen this before too! brillant work. Easy to read when it's very small, good point!

magicshadow said on Jun. 06 '09

cool logo - very funny :D , you'are great !

kgj11 said on Jun. 12 '09

This needs to be a fixture to the frontpage Gallery. I laugh out loud every time I log in :)

lboi said on Jun. 12 '09

very nice! loving the depth of the mark!

280dg said on Jun. 14 '09

haha maybe my dirty mind took over.. but at first glance I thought it was a bare butt...

Great job though!

hookedondesign said on Sep. 29 '09

I saw the top of a submarine, works well

logomotive said on Nov. 08 '09

See guys, it has multiple meanings for A Tack "Attack" getting a kick out of the different "point" of views :)

EDi said on Mar. 27 '10

Well... it looks like an ass. ;)

mcdseven said on Mar. 27 '10

^LOL Im seeing an ass aswelll...

ethereal said on Mar. 27 '10

It's a Crack Atack! (sorry to be a butt, Mike)

logomotive said on Jun. 24 '11

Nice to hear! Glad you all like butts too.

Sean Heisler said on Jun. 24 '11

Ha ha! I don't even recall posting that. Jeez.

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