Georgian house

by milash • Uploaded: Apr. 19 '09
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Description: Web site for traditional architecture

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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cake_sama said on Apr. 19 '09

cool illustration

nido said on Apr. 19 '09

nice milash...

milash said on Apr. 19 '09

you are 100% correct. thanks

sethetter said on Apr. 19 '09

Love it!

eziemac said on Apr. 20 '09

wow. Its almost hypnotic. nice work.

logomotive said on Apr. 20 '09

milash, I really like this piece, what about working on the white outline on the bottom part of house? It might help it look less like it was just stuck there if that makes sense. the white outline is bugging me at base, other than that digging this piece.

logoboom said on Apr. 20 '09

Yes, yes, what logomotive said. The house needs further integration. The leaves/sun portion is brilliant.

theartistt said on Apr. 20 '09

completely agree with the big guys.

milash said on Apr. 21 '09

logomotive you've just opened my eyes bit more. I am working on fixing the house. thanks.

OcularInk said on Apr. 21 '09

This is nice. The sun/leaves flow very well, but the house is kind of static. If you can further integrate the house into the design as opposed to it just kind of floating there, this will be so much more effective. All in all, great job!

OcularInk said on Apr. 21 '09

I agree about the font. A serif font might be a better match. Perhaps something more classic? The font does seem a little close to the mark as well.

rongen said on May. 22 '09

It grows on me. Simply amazing. I like the B&W

Lecart said on Nov. 25 '09

Outstanding mark, agree about the type tho'.

bilebo said on Apr. 14 '10

Wow, beautiful! I would like to hang this on my wall :)

wizemark said on Apr. 14 '10

Is it this in use? Cuz i`d hang it on my wall 2.. :) Btw, i`d loose only white outline around the house..at least on the right side. It would connect much better with the rest, imo.

milash said on Apr. 14 '10

thanks guys. it's not in use unfortunately. you are correct wiz, this one asks for some refinements. i'll get to it soon. thanks again.

milou said on Jun. 18 '10

I dig this style. Awesome.

birofunk said on Jun. 18 '10

glad to see this in the gallery..stunning design

m1sternoname said on Jun. 18 '10

Floated this way back, just wanted to say this has a really nice Escher feel to it :)

hyperborea said on Jun. 18 '10

Escher indeed.
Love the sun/leaves trick.
Very nice.

milash said on Jun. 18 '10

thanks guys. was not expecting this.

Mad Skimo said on Jun. 18 '10

I dont know why, but it reminds me the "serial killer house" : )
(The sun-leaves combo is just brilliant!)

contrast8 said on Jun. 18 '10

amazing work

milash said on Jun. 18 '10

thanks everybody. thisguy, if it was not for you the sun would still be black.

Petro said on Jun. 18 '10

Wow! It looks like a linocut ;-)

Mikeymike said on Jun. 18 '10

WOW! love this. floated awhile back, but had to comment.

nickosma said on Jun. 19 '10

cool, really

dbunk said on Jun. 19 '10

love the tree sun integration

agingersnaps said on Jun. 19 '10

The detail in this is GREAT!

pjmaster said on Jun. 19 '10

Great piece of artwork.

blakemcdivitt said on Jun. 22 '10

Wow.. awesome

milash said on Jun. 22 '10

thanks for kind work

milash said on Jun. 22 '10

i meant, thanks for kind words

myway999 said on Jun. 22 '10


michaelspitz said on Jun. 22 '10

Thought I'd commented back when you first posted... Anyway, still love this guy!

twitqa said on Jun. 23 '10

real cool illusion.good cottage

joelalexander said on Aug. 09 '10

this is so nice, milash you are a great illustrator

13mu said on Dec. 17 '10

!!!amazing works!!!


tbs said on Jan. 11 '11

nice, I like black and white space!

annonnimo said on Mar. 21 '11


emeleh said on Dec. 22 '11

Absolutely beautiful. Love the positive/negative balance. Feels like a modern woodcut. Thank you for sharing! Very inspirational.

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