by Logomotive • Uploaded: Feb. 08 '09

Description: KnockOut Design. Pencil K O D concept based on more of the Old School way of actual Knocking Out (reverse out).

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logomotive said on Feb. 08 '09

Thanks Sour ;-)

aurelplouf said on Feb. 08 '09

I really like this one and the O is a good knockout :)

LoGoBoom said on Feb. 08 '09

Clean and simple...from one old schooler to another.

indiview said on Feb. 08 '09

i think giving the impression of knockout with the reverse out... is a really clever concept.

OcularInk said on Feb. 09 '09

And to the point!

logomotive said on Feb. 09 '09

Thanka guys. Who ya calling old glen? 40 is the new 30 now :-)

ddd said on Feb. 09 '09

I didnt see the pencil or the D, until you mentioned it. But I understood the concept.

epsilon said on Feb. 09 '09

Have you seen "OK tire":http://www.oktire.com logo. Not saying they it's too close, but there's certain similarity.

logomotive said on Feb. 10 '09

^umm.. OK but not sure other than the fact that they both have an O and K :-)

nido said on Feb. 10 '09

@epsilon.. are *you* ok???

nice work Mike!.. really know how to "knock em out" huh?.. ;)

Muamer said on Feb. 10 '09

lol :) Respect the Old School!

epsilon said on Feb. 10 '09

@nido and @logomotive - as I said they are not close, but they both _do_ have O, K and a pointing thingy built playing off K's shape and so there's is certain conceptual similarity. Not implying anything whatsoever, just an observation.

logomotive said on Feb. 10 '09

I'ts OK but how else do you make a K? it has a natural pointy thing :-) just thought it a strangely unnecessary comment that's all.

epsilon said on Feb. 10 '09

Well, i am apparently full of these comments recently. Just thought that being aware of that other logo could've come handy in some cases.

In any case, it is a very clever logo. Few things are going on as usual and they all are cohesively combined in a single seamless piece. I wouldn't change a thing about it ... not that you care :-)

THEArtistT said on Feb. 10 '09

I really love this. Floated (which I do fairly freely) and faved (which I do very rarely) as well.

logomotive said on Feb. 10 '09

cheers Trish, ya made my day. :-)

firebrand said on Feb. 20 '09

LOL! Knockout comment from nido ;) Nice Mike.

JustCreativeDesign said on May. 20 '09

Clever, really like it. Good job.

logomotive said on Oct. 31 '09

Ha waiting for trick or treaters while reading old comments, thanks guys.

wongef said on Feb. 21 '12

Hi logomotive
I need to talk you in private because i like what you doing and need you help and idea for my logo .
Best regard

logomotive said on Mar. 11 '15

Wongef, sorry just read this. Contact me. See my profile for contact info. Thanks

logomotive said on Mar. 11 '15

oops that was 2012 not 2015. My bad

rudy hurtado said on Mar. 12 '15

I missed this one Mike, it's awesome.

logomotive said on Mar. 12 '15

Thanks Rudy!

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