Rolland Wines

by ideoma • Uploaded: Jan. 06 '09
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Description: Wine related logo, an original solution because of its painting like features, a bit of complexity in the overall simplicity.

As seen on: http://www.logotipo.pt

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: vineyardillustrationpaintingwinewinner logo

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sdijock said on Jan. 06 '09

Although I'm not an advocate of design competitions you still did a nice job.

geniuslogo said on Jan. 06 '09


AdamTheNumberOneMan said on Jan. 06 '09

i couldn't make something like that - like it

onesummer said on Jan. 08 '09

serene! custom type?

Kliment said on Jan. 10 '09


hindmarshdesign said on Mar. 19 '09

wow yeah i really love this. Stood out.

alenami@gmail.com said on Aug. 28 '09

Beautiful logo! =)

KonradK said on Oct. 05 '09

one of the best!

andreiu said on Oct. 05 '09

great, and it has the appropriate feeling!

birofunk said on Oct. 05 '09

really like this

rudy hurtado said on Oct. 05 '09

Nice feel to it. Nice job.

Chad Sanderson said on Oct. 05 '09

What a fantastic illustration. Beautiful work.

Lecart said on Oct. 31 '09

I agree with Chad.

Momentummagazine said on Oct. 31 '09

How can anyone disagree with Chad?

Lecart said on Oct. 31 '09

I agree again.

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 31 '09


mabu said on Nov. 01 '09

This is really something.

kaimere said on Nov. 01 '09

about time :)

rincon said on Nov. 01 '09

congrat, Love the illo and type,

vasvari said on Nov. 01 '09

Demanding, clear work!

dannygdammit said on Nov. 01 '09

wow. now this is LP gallery quality.

Momentummagazine said on Nov. 01 '09

David, can you put in a section so I can float this twice? Thanks!

cseven said on Nov. 01 '09

Beautiful illustration.
I agree with demiphonic that the small type is difficult to read though, but that's easily resolved.

basi_studio said on Nov. 01 '09

Beatiful work!

sbdesign said on Nov. 01 '09

Beautiful work!

dotflo said on Nov. 02 '09

original and beautifull..outstanding work

cerise said on Nov. 02 '09

Classy distinctive visually pleasing piece with subtle oak palate qualities

tdf said on Nov. 03 '09


lucadolci said on Nov. 04 '09

I love it!
Great work seriously

a20010494 said on Nov. 04 '09

I like it, it's very pretty.
But it doesn't work. At the best case, you need at least 4 colors to print it.
The lower typo is pretty small, i can't read it.

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '09

^Yes it does work. Go take a look at some wine bottles. 4 color is the new 2 color.

elpumi.16 said on Nov. 04 '09

like it a lot,
incredible and simple illustration.

elpumi.16 said on Nov. 04 '09

logomotive said:

^Yes it does work. Go take a look at some wine bottles. 4 color is the new 2 color.

agree, time change and somethings have to change, would be a stupid thing to limit this incredible job cause it need 2 color work.

magicshadow said on Nov. 05 '09

Great illustration - i love it ;)

cobaltcow said on Nov. 05 '09

i just want to start a winery so i can use this :)

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 05 '09

^ I propose a joint venture.

epsilon said on Nov. 05 '09

Very well done, but doesn't ROLLA need a bit of kerning work ?

firebrand said on Nov. 06 '09

Nice illustration work.

entrepiso said on Nov. 06 '09


ideoma said on Nov. 14 '09

thank's for all the comments, this is not a typical work in our studio we tend to keep the grafhics simple but the client pushed us to this kind of illustration and worked fine. yeah the ROLLA could have some retouch, thanks for noticing it =p

MaNurs said on Nov. 16 '09

perfect logo wine!! thats really beauty and elegant

ultrasta said on Dec. 02 '09

Great !

ndmgfx said on Dec. 05 '09

ok everybody said it, but amazing

ideoma said on Dec. 06 '09

thanx everybody for your nice words and critics, it's gratifying to see our work inspiring creative minds. =)

Chad Sanderson said on Feb. 09 '10

I'm sorry, I love this logo- but I was browsing your gallery and I didn't really see any more artistic work of this caliber. (No offense) I know a lot of great illustrators (Like Mike and Oronoz, just to name two out of the many, many more) that also rely on minimalism and simplicity, but they never fully reject their artistic talent. You said the client "pushed you," to it, but this is incredible. I don't see how you could ever put a talent like this on the back-burner.

Like I said, there's probably a very simple answer, but it was bugging me. Toodles!

Chad Sanderson said on Feb. 09 '10

If I didn't make that clear- I was wondering why this piece is the only one of its kind in your showcase. It seems a little out of place.

ideoma said on Feb. 13 '10

Chad this was a very particular work, our company is currently working with avery different type of clients and our showcase is currently very restricted by what clients want, it's very hard to sell this type of illustration to our target costumer. we believe every work is worth trying, so we take all challenges hence the loneliness of this logo amongst the showcase! we try to make it simple, clever, legible and adapted to the costumer. hope that you got your answer maybe one of this days we can create something this expressive again! =)

13mu said on Dec. 29 '10


ivishga said on Oct. 21 '11

So much detail but I like it, nicely done.

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