by Borinagge • Uploaded: Oct. 22 '08
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Description: Brand identity for a gift shop that features contemporary gifts, jewelry, art toys for adults and kids, they also offer candy, specialty sweets, souvenirs, collectibles, novelty and a wide selection of personalized gifts and unique ideas for every ocassion.

The idea is to portray a friendly, joyful and approachable identity, so our final solution revolved around a contemporary style that combined with colorful elements gave us a result that is simply sweet!


Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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fogra said on Oct. 22 '08

Well done!

nido said on Oct. 22 '08

i think the face could be slightly cuter... maybe the type too?... but otherwise an absolutely brilliant idea!...

borinagge said on Oct. 22 '08

Thanks Guys, I'm gonna try to make some arrangements to the font, any suggestion?....XD

nido said on Oct. 22 '08

something.. sweet... ?

logomotive said on Oct. 22 '08

^ I concur, perhaps just use small little round dots for the eyes and space them closer together slightly above the nose. Type NOT Italic? IMO.

borinagge said on Oct. 22 '08

I just made some changes, what you think guys?

logomotive said on Oct. 22 '08

Much better, I think you can reduce the eyes a little more. This will bring the "cuteness" out better IMO.

borinagge said on Oct. 22 '08

there you go! Thanks for your help it's such an honor to receive advices form you...;)

logomotive said on Oct. 22 '08

Glad to help,Looks great. One more little minor thing you might want to do is eliminate the line breaks between each leg as they are uneccessary IMO and it will clean this up to perfection.

fogra said on Oct. 23 '08

Nice update.

Muamer said on Oct. 23 '08

Sweet :)

borinagge said on Oct. 23 '08


firebrand said on Oct. 23 '08

I agree with logomotive about the line breaks between the legs. Other than that, this looks superb.

borinagge said on Oct. 24 '08


Type08 said on Oct. 24 '08

...and still sweet! :)

nido said on Oct. 25 '08

now just make it into a crocodile... & your done!

firebrand said on Oct. 25 '08

It's a wrap!

borinagge said on Oct. 25 '08

@now just make it into a crocodile... & your done!

RFLOL! Nido, you are the man....

nido said on Oct. 25 '08

c'est vrai!

robin21 said on Jan. 02 '09

Great! Have you tried it to compose the logo into the word "SWEET" as the first letter? Not that I wouldn't be obvious that the bear forms an S, but this way, the type S would not interfere with the logo itself. Well that's just a late suggestion I guess...

Harshitatech said on Oct. 04 '12

Nice, Good looking

tabithakristen said on Oct. 04 '12

lol I made this exact logo years ago but trashed it because I saw it was already done somewhere. I just can't remember where it was. Nice though!

sbdesign said on Oct. 04 '12

This one!

cronodesigns said on Oct. 04 '12

i like !

danielp said on Oct. 05 '12

Lovely idea

ladygrey said on Oct. 05 '12

So sweet!

hanuman shakti said on Oct. 14 '12

brilliant diapositive!

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