dream tree

by ndmgfx • Uploaded: Oct. 12 '08
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Description: event for achieving your dreams

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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nexqunyx said on Oct. 12 '08

Well put together:) Nice!

Type08 said on Oct. 13 '08


ndmgfx said on Oct. 13 '08

thanks guys:)

waggit said on Oct. 13 '08

This is really nice!

Muamer said on Oct. 13 '08

Well done, Nadim. Congrats! :)

ndmgfx said on Oct. 13 '08

thx Muamer, i checked your showcase, very nice especially the black on yellow experiment :)

nefiflorian said on Oct. 13 '08


mdlogo85 said on Oct. 13 '08

Beautiful illustraction... But for me the font doesn't work so good... For me the letters are too near...

mister jones said on Oct. 13 '08


sdijock said on Oct. 13 '08

Overall, great concept. However, I would tweak two things:

1.) I would rearrange the stars so that they're not so symmetrical both in their size and the pattern.

2.) Enlarge the type slightly and kern it out more - it's way too tight.

SMARTINUP said on Oct. 13 '08

thought i posted one here before? but it's still very nice.

ndmgfx said on Oct. 13 '08

thx for the detailed comments.

nido said on Oct. 13 '08

this is very nice indeed!

gthobbs said on Oct. 13 '08

Looks great just as it is.

OcularInk said on Oct. 13 '08

Nice solution!

firebrand said on Oct. 13 '08

I'm pleased to see this on the front page, Nadim.

fogra said on Oct. 13 '08

I love the colour. Olive green seems to be a logo colour trend this year.

ndmgfx said on Oct. 13 '08

thx firebrand, me too

rorshach said on Oct. 13 '08


logomotive said on Oct. 13 '08


tconrad said on Oct. 13 '08


maximalist said on Oct. 13 '08

what a beautiful work, congrats!

onesummer said on Oct. 13 '08

wait a minute here... I thought everyone says that dreams don't growon trees? wait, no, that's money. okay nevermind.

very nice design!

Lawrence Anderson said on Oct. 13 '08

great one

penflare said on Oct. 13 '08

its abslutely perferct and please do not open up the typface, it looks great the way it is. great job!

nataliav said on Oct. 13 '08

inspiring... congrats!

Jemiah said on Oct. 13 '08

Oh wow...perfection! This logo stood out on a front page full of brilliant logos!

janzabransky said on Oct. 13 '08

looks good for me

ranganath said on Oct. 13 '08

Nice tree to dream about...nice work

gynemeth78 said on Oct. 14 '08

Very nice suff..

mikeyn said on Oct. 14 '08

great idea ! and very nice work :)

logoholik said on Oct. 14 '08

dammit... just stumbled across http://www.acting-on.com/ Pity... this one seems better in execution tho... it happens to me all the time man...

ndmgfx said on Oct. 14 '08

thx for the link, i just checked it same concept but different direction. it happened to me before with a logo in my showcase now too (colorfull) and i found that pentagram did the same one before me :(

anyways maybe i should sell it to them :)

gyui said on Oct. 14 '08


webcore said on Oct. 14 '08

Brilliant! The font goes great with this design.

raja said on Oct. 14 '08

very nice idea!

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '08

OK, I admit it I'm jealous.

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 14 '08

I think i want to put this logo in my pocket so that i can pull it our and look at it anytime i want. Its so perfect.

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 15 '08

Very nice! I'm also jealous as its one of those logo's

arronlock said on Oct. 16 '08

Absolutely fantastic. I'm gonna check your showcase after this.

germanrandazzo said on Oct. 18 '08

It's Great! I love it.

Phantom Brain Pain said on Oct. 23 '08

This is magnificent!

tkhoury said on Oct. 24 '08

beautiful man

rahulgabrielle said on Oct. 27 '08

beautiful colours...!

ndmgfx said on Oct. 28 '08

thx guys

TC said on Nov. 15 '08

one of my favourites, beautiful

ndmgfx said on Nov. 17 '08

Thx TC

srd said on Nov. 23 '08

Looks very different, good work!

TC said on Nov. 27 '08

still one of my favourites!

ndmgfx said on Nov. 28 '08

thx @srd, i like your logo too

ubermick said on Jan. 04 '09

I like this a LOT.

(Stands and applauds!)

ndmgfx said on Jan. 10 '09

thx guys, am really happy

hindmarshdesign said on Feb. 25 '09

What font did you use for this?

alterego said on Jul. 08 '09

very beautiful:)

Fluena said on Jul. 16 '09

Very effective.

mrsunnyz said on Sep. 18 '09

i can't say enough how much i love this. just perfect

MomentumMagazine said on Oct. 05 '09

This is absolutely beautiful.

believe said on May. 28 '12

You should look at this link:


To me, this is blatant plagiarism. Your concept is clean beautiful.

ManuelGarciaPH said on Jul. 31 '12

Featured Here:
A Fascinating Collection of Star Logo Design

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