Iron Duck Clothing

by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Sep. 22 '08
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Description: Updated 3x

Copyright Josiah Jost and Siah Design © 2009

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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penflare said on Sep. 22 '08

the best logo i've seen you do, great job man

Type08 said on Sep. 22 '08

Yep, I agree, this is awesome! Maybe just to fix up the lower rounding of the hanger...

siah-design said on Sep. 22 '08

Thanks penflare and type08! Good eye type08 - fixed the lower roundings.

fili561 said on Sep. 22 '08

wow, i really like the simplicity of it, it is very effective the only thing that's bothering me is the duck's beak... its to steep while everything else has a rounded feel

andi said on Sep. 23 '08

i like this. it's very simple, elegant and clever.
i only think the type is too close to the illustration and way too small.
especially when you use it in smaller sizes.

mdlogo85 said on Sep. 23 '08

I think the same of Andi: the sentence is too small... When the logo is in big size it's good but in the small size it isn't so clear... You could try to write the sentence in two lines...

gynemeth78 said on Sep. 23 '08

Well besides that the sentence is small... i think it's not a duck...

siah-design said on Sep. 25 '08

Thanks for the comments guys.

Changed the type to two line. What do you see gynemeth78?

logomotive said on Sep. 25 '08

Josiah, I hope you don't mind my critique. I really like what you have here but the end of the hanger bugs me. I think you should keep the subtle flip up but make it rounded and @ the other end also. I think the overall shape of the hanger is enough that you can do this?

siah-design said on Sep. 25 '08

@logomotive: Yea, I'll take any critique from you. :) Just modified the hanger. What do you think now?

Logomotive said on Sep. 25 '08

:-) lookin better and more like a duck IMO I would say you can make the beak a lil longer by a couple a pixles or so as it looks a bit short, might even slightly taper it but your call. What do your clients say?

siah-design said on Sep. 25 '08


huyendesigner said on Sep. 27 '08

the more simple the more you design very good

damjanjo said on Sep. 27 '08

GREAT LOGO MAN ... I know you from 99 I think...This is just perfect

siah-design said on Sep. 28 '08

@janjo: Thanks man. Yea, I do some messing around on 99 - Altho I'm trying to quit as that kind of spec work is hard on the logo industry :)

danijr said on Oct. 21 '08

great concept ;-)

mattiamoretto said on Oct. 29 '08

in my opinion you have used the logo of www.change-room.com/ and just invented the "brand" for incspring making some changings...

If it's not like that...i'm sorry..but in that case the 2 logos are really similar.

logoholik said on Oct. 29 '08

In my opinion Siah managed to convert something really ordinary and hardly unique such is hanger and turn it to something way more interesting and original. The fact that is on Incspring is telling me that he realized an opportunity to brake away from spec sites and try some other, no-spec routes...

siah-design said on Oct. 29 '08

Thanks for the support Bojan. You nailed it :)

@mattiamoretto I was inspired to design this logo one night as I was falling asleep - concept is completely different from the plain clothes hanger.

brandcore said on Nov. 27 '08

great ideea and original1!

inorax said on Jan. 29 '09

Impressive creativity! (Y)

fishinapond said on Jan. 29 '09

are you the "mes-siah"? *wink*

Siah-Design said on Jan. 29 '09

Thanks Brandcore, Nima Inorax and Fishinapond!

@Fishinapond: LOL! It's funny you should mention that - when I was about 5 yrs old a kid across the street would call me "Messiah". :) - too hard for him to say Josiah I guess.. :)


jacekzelisko said on Dec. 03 '09

good idea.

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