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Description: Identity for a aviation project

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OcularInk said on Sep. 04 '08

Very clever idea.

nido said on Sep. 04 '08

very clever!

gthobbs said on Sep. 04 '08


Kwaku said on Sep. 04 '08


Type08 said on Sep. 04 '08


thegiraffe said on Sep. 04 '08

Very nice. Simple, effective.

firebrand said on Sep. 04 '08

Wow. Bravo!

hindmarshdesign said on Sep. 04 '08

FAR OUT. I think i might just have to call it a day. This is brilliant.

Urge said on Sep. 04 '08


mister jones said on Sep. 04 '08

just brilliant

borinagge said on Sep. 04 '08

Effiiiiiiin Great!!!

holajoan said on Sep. 04 '08

Thank you all!

NeilMcDonald said on Sep. 05 '08

Sooooooooo good!

GabrielRO said on Sep. 05 '08

perfect!... :D

brandsimplicity said on Sep. 05 '08

Oh man! Straight to the favorites hanger.

Muamer said on Sep. 05 '08

WoW :)

LONGPIG said on Sep. 05 '08

this is class!!!

Simple, but clever at the same time....


Matheus said on Sep. 05 '08

damn... this is good

logomotive said on Sep. 06 '08


Hayes Image said on Sep. 06 '08


sparks said on Sep. 07 '08

Incredible! I love it :)

lucidity said on Sep. 09 '08

That is one amazing idea.

iffan said on Sep. 09 '08

Wery, wery great idea! Perfect!

fogra said on Sep. 13 '08

This is too good. Great showcase!

tcheely said on Sep. 17 '08

this is fakin amazing with that strong simplicity :D

firebrand said on Sep. 17 '08

David, what are your reasons for not selecting this one for the gallery?

incubusknight said on Sep. 17 '08

This is one of the best. Using type as the mark is a bit tricky... but you have a nice style. Very intelligent.

logomotive said on Sep. 17 '08

He's saving it for a rainy day.

firebrand said on Sep. 18 '08

I think he's seen enough rain ;)

Monkeytail said on Sep. 18 '08

I thought it was a floating 'feather-thing'.
Never the less: nice.

dbunk said on Mar. 10 '09

Indeed a brilliant one, the angel of "F" is also well thought of with the lighter side being lifted slightly more than the heavier part of "F"

firebrand said on May. 19 '09

Great aeroplane icon.

brandology said on Sep. 23 '09

Can't believe this one isn't in the gallery! amazing!

raja said on Sep. 23 '09

watch the power I have around here..




dbunk said on Sep. 23 '09

wise use of power :)

KonradK said on Sep. 23 '09

Perfect logo. Great idea :)

MomentumMagazine said on Sep. 24 '09

Haha raja you do have the power. If I ever want one of my designs in the gallery I know who to talk to!

Rokac said on Sep. 24 '09

Great logo.

widlic said on Sep. 24 '09

excellent logo! however, i think about the facebook logo... if the color would have been blue it would look pretty much the same..
not trying to be negative, just my opinion:) anyways, GREAT logo and idea!

kaimere said on Sep. 24 '09

awesome :)

A_Lanevski said on Sep. 24 '09

you blow my mind

birofunk said on Sep. 24 '09

really, really clever logo. congrats on the featured showcase

Type08 said on Sep. 24 '09

Joan Pons Moll from Spain, gratz on the featured status!

firebrand said on Sep. 24 '09

Yes, raja worked his magic in more ways than one.

s@ky said on Sep. 24 '09

OMG! Awesome man!

dache said on Sep. 24 '09

I had this very concept during college days whilst documenting every bit of iconography and typography in Zurich airport. I was keeping it for a rainy day. Lesson learned - claim every great idea ;^)

Salamander said on Sep. 24 '09

I think, the simplicity of this logo is brilliant.

lundeja said on Sep. 24 '09

It's clever but in my opinion looks unfinished... I think you should have moved the wings of the plane/f more toward the front of the plane, so it was shaped more like a plane. You could have then adjusted the f itself with the same treatment and matched the y to produce a more unique type. Just that if you look at an actual plane, the wings are more toward the center, but not completely centered and I'm pretty sure this one wouldn't lift off because it is front-heavy.

lundeja said on Sep. 24 '09

One last thing, if you moved the plane down slightly in the rounded circle to a point where the top of it was in the center, as opposed to being absolutely centered, I think it would create more of an appearance of lift.

lucaz said on Sep. 25 '09

Wauw, very creative.

I would like to see a bit more bite in it. More the feel of a logo, maybe some gradients. And a name under the logo.

But this is really one of the best ones i've seen.

firebrand said on Sep. 25 '09

^ I disagree. Gradients would kill this logo.

Art Machine said on Sep. 25 '09

Agreed, its great as it is.

mshamloo said on Sep. 25 '09

simple. clean. clever. great job.

andreiu said on Sep. 26 '09

so simple clever great!

milou said on Sep. 27 '09

high fly.

badovsky said on Sep. 27 '09


ethereal said on Sep. 27 '09


chriscubos said on Sep. 28 '09

I like this. Great work!

nissinmiojo said on Sep. 28 '09

extreme man! congrats!

mjkl said on Sep. 29 '09

after taking a look at it got this thought that facebook logo is actually a ww2 stukas diving bomber ;]

kenzo_yusiantoro said on Oct. 07 '09

just clever. :)

davemondra said on Oct. 19 '09

excellent idea, clever, fun!

LxrKan said on Nov. 05 '09

superb job! really my kind of style! love it!!!

simple & refreshing

rambal said on Nov. 23 '09

simple and brilliant

pants1878 said on Nov. 25 '09

I suppose the real question is who made it first?

fogra said on Nov. 25 '09

@pants1878: They are both from the same designer.

mirekulous said on Dec. 01 '09

duh! comngrats!!!

plop said on Jan. 01 '10

Good idea but i don't like where the "fly" is.

(but unlike other ones, i don't think you have to modified the "f", is very simple, very nice)

wilsonink said on Jan. 12 '10

very original :)

illume said on Feb. 06 '10


Horton The Elephat said on May. 02 '10

from simple thing comes a great effect... Briliant!

action said on Aug. 07 '11

Woah! Missed this one. AMAZING work :)

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