Nestle baby

by hindmarshdesign • Uploaded: Jul. 29 '08

Description: Logo for a baby clothing & toy store.

Personal project.

edit version 1

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: pinknestlesleepbirdbaby

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hharrison said on Jul. 29 '08

I'm digging the mark & the name. Colors too... I think the type might need a little work. I like the font fine, but the layout seems a little off. Maybe connect the letters better (especially the n&e / l&e. I would make one of the e's a little different than the other. Make it look a little more "handwritten." Have you tried to shape the text as a nest under the image? I think this has a lot of potential.

hindmarshdesign said on Jul. 29 '08

Thanks for the constructive comment! I'll see what I can do about this.

koodoz said on Jul. 30 '08

I think this would be just as effective with the removal of the dashed line. Also agree with hharison re the type. Get that right and you're on a winner.

Type08 said on Jul. 30 '08

Cute :)

danny said on Jul. 31 '08

nice colours. agree with koodoz, I think the dashed line could probably go, but i can see it symbolises stitching...so it's a tricky one. cool though :)

romeo said on Jul. 31 '08

I personally think the stitching works well with the clothing line. I think the overall feel is great! Real innocent and playful, which works well with a baby clothing line. I do agree, however, with tweaking the type a bit. Great work!

hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 06 '08

I've changed the font becasue i wasn't happy with the last one and am yet to try making the text a "nest". It does look good without the stitching but on a swing tag i would definately include it. Hard to decide if i leave it on or not.

billiumk said on Feb. 22 '09

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