Elara Systems

by maximalist • Uploaded: Jun. 17 '08
Gallerized Jun. '08 13f6aaa3bc7b52b6ff0c14f038b00246.png

Description: Studio specialized on animation, modelling, photography and HQ video

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: designmovievideo3d

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Muamer said on Jun. 17 '08

Very nice!

gorz said on Jun. 17 '08


dache said on Jun. 17 '08


decrepid said on Jun. 17 '08


maximalist said on Jun. 17 '08

thanks, guys!

Lawrence Anderson said on Jun. 17 '08

Very unique and works well for this particular company.

90degrees90 said on Jun. 17 '08

Agree, it's the best of the bunch. Good job.

BigAl67 said on Jun. 17 '08

Great concept well executed. What font is that?

Respiro said on Jun. 17 '08


bbx said on Jun. 18 '08

Love the colors and the font. Great job.

helios said on Jun. 18 '08

Nice mark! Would also love to know the font.

maximalist said on Jun. 18 '08

Thanks to all!
Font family is Benton Sans made by Font Bureau ;)

firebubble said on Jun. 18 '08

awesome logo!

Royk said on Jun. 18 '08


datasky said on Jun. 18 '08

n1ce !

burocratik said on Jun. 18 '08

Are you sure the font is not FF Max? Good stuff :)

maximalist said on Jun. 19 '08

ow, sory ))) yes, it's FF Max

cobaltcow said on Jun. 25 '08

this is great, however the colour on the bottom of the mark is bothering me. is it meant to represent a slightly darker section? it seems to not match the great colour in the top part.

spring spirit said on Jul. 04 '08

well done

Art Machine said on Jul. 04 '08


mune said on Jul. 16 '08

I don't know what is it, but I love this logo

kunt said on Jul. 16 '08

i felt like the mark is about to slap the type :)

i liked it a lot!

pretty cool mark but i think type is not mellow as the mark. especially when you see next to it. Font is ok but spaces and balance can be reconsidered

well done

ibrahim.x said on Aug. 17 '08

sweet bend

cyberdelia said on Dec. 21 '08

That's awesome, Bro!!!

Type08 said on Dec. 23 '08

Seeing this a lot around (Behance and such), good job! Like it a lot!

andreiu said on Jun. 27 '09

love the colors, shades and the shape. great work you have!

mabu said on Jun. 29 '09

Just to give you a heads up Denis, do check this one out: http://www.visuelle.co.uk/images/uploads/4208a050b5232a5d80bbcc5c07c34acf.jpg

I'm not acusing you for anything! I actually like yours more.

mabu said on Jun. 29 '09

Oh the company is www.sociodesign.co.uk btw :-)

firebrand said on Mar. 15 '10

Denis: Uploaded 9 March 2010


logoholik said on Mar. 15 '10

waaa? that's wrooong...

logopunk said on May. 02 '10

sweet logo 10/10

scraps said on Dec. 12 '10

the logo look is very simple and professional.

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