by nido • Uploaded: Jun. 12 '08
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Description: wip.. IT service provider that backs up your data.. invizio is a play on the word invisible...

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raja said on Jun. 17 '08

awesome dude

nido said on Jun. 17 '08

thanks roger!

firebrand said on Jun. 19 '08

Cool. Did Predator inpire you?

firebrand said on Jun. 19 '08

Here's the missing s

nido said on Jun. 19 '08

thanks... & thanks for the s... Predator?

firebrand said on Jun. 19 '08

Yeah Predator's jungle camouflage. Come on get with it.

nido said on Jun. 19 '08

lol!.. oh ok... actually this was kind of an accident... i have a version where all the bottoms of the letters were sliced in the same angle (like the n & the last i) when i started flipping them around to see what would happen i stumbled on this.. thought it looked kinda nice.

i did have an encounter with the real 'predator' once.. he didnt last too long though!

nido said on Jun. 19 '08

i dont know... i dont think so.. i did post some earlier designs that i withdrew.. but i dont recall it being done by anyone else..?

moverdrive said on Jun. 19 '08

Brilliant as usual.

datasky said on Jun. 19 '08

ka ra te ty po :)

nido said on Jun. 20 '08

@moverdrive.. thanks!

@datasky... i'll show you ka ra te! .. ;)

Thomas said on Jun. 20 '08

What a smart logo. Really love your sharp vision Nido.

josephknight said on Jun. 20 '08

To make it more instantly readable, perhaps back the slicing away from the corner of the "Z" and not touching the counter of the "O". The mind will have an easier time glancing at the word if none of the letters are split into two pieces.

This logo is startlingly creative using simple typography. Excellent work.

miss godbout said on Jun. 27 '08

great logo !

AlexWende said on Jun. 30 '08

Thought immediately about PREDATOR as I read the description, very cool logo nido!

graft said on Jul. 18 '08

Nice mark, but reminds me of Simplex ( http://www.nanourl.ro/kf400 )

tass said on Jun. 03 '09

very nice work, and it seems i have a similar project "here":http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/65567 :))
all the best!

OMNI said on Jan. 29 '10

Wow, this visual effect is too memorable. Pretty props!

nido said on Jan. 29 '10

thanks people....

OMNI... nice to see you back... hope you'll be showcasing some more of your inspirational stuff mate...

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