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by Muamer • Uploaded: May. 23 '08
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Description: My personal logo. Self-portrait, made form the word "logo". (The update is here >> http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/124543 )

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: Muamer ADILOVIClogotypeSarajevoBosnia & Herzegovinagraphic design

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firebrand said on May. 23 '08

Clever one, Muamer, right down to the trademark detail.

OcularInk said on May. 23 '08

Ha! Great job, dude.

gthobbs said on May. 23 '08

Ok, now make a face with the letters m u a m e r. Nice.

kellyoneill said on May. 23 '08

Very, very nice. I am impressed.

mentelibre1 said on May. 23 '08


nido said on May. 23 '08

SPEC-tacular muamer!

Kwaku said on May. 23 '08

hot stuff

oveman said on May. 24 '08

tconrad, you're not suggesting that this is copy? :|

hellouriah said on May. 24 '08

One of my favorite logos.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on May. 24 '08

Also, a favorite of mine. Great work!

fogra said on May. 24 '08

This reminds me of Eric Morcambe for some reason.

fogra said on May. 24 '08

Eric Morecambe, I meant to say.

90degrees90 said on May. 25 '08

Overall, good job. Although the L bothers me, kind of looks like a snorkle. May have been better to drop the L lower to form part of his left jaw, IMHO.

lucidity said on May. 27 '08

Awesome job, I love it.

AL said on May. 28 '08

I use a similar face representation in my Polish short name signature "Olo". Good concept, however, as a comment above suggests, your L is hard to read. Cheers.

Muamer said on May. 28 '08

@ 90degrees90: I try your suggestion before (as many other versions on all letters) and that simply not works well... In that case: letter L, show face much more (which is cool) but become unreadable more also...hope you understand. Thank you! :)

@ lucidity: Thank you! :)

@ AL: As I say to 90degrees90 before, I try many things with this...And I think is readable enough to complete this logotype concept. (The L, logo, type, my face, shapes, perspective...) Thanx.

dikkers said on May. 29 '08

i dunno why, but the G was the las part i read, i said to myself, right now, what does this say? loooo...... LOGO. WOW

Awesome work.

saawan said on May. 30 '08

Lovely! Great Work, Muamer. Keep it up!

pashenko said on Jun. 07 '08

Hi! :) Good one!

Can't open url.

Muamer said on Jun. 07 '08

dikkers & saawan : Thank you folks! :)
Hi pashenko, yes url is still under construction...soon to come :) I have to much work these days...Thank You!

wjhiendarto said on Jun. 12 '08

wow... smart solution..!!! Great design.

Muamer said on Jun. 23 '08

Thank you very much! :)

muhanadhachem said on Jun. 24 '08

I like it, one of my favorites..... good work Muamer

Muamer said on Jun. 25 '08

Thanks Muhanadhachem! :D

Muamer said on Jun. 30 '08

:D Thanks!

freshcreate.com said on Jul. 12 '08

excellent, added to favorites

voigtlander said on Jul. 22 '08

i don't know if you really need that very left stroke

but excellent face !

Muamer said on Jul. 22 '08

@clashmore: LOL :)))

@voigtlander: Sorry but I really need that stroke :))) Anyway thanks man...

Muamer said on Jul. 22 '08

Hey, thank you freshcreate.com /// nice website man /

; )

logomotive said on Aug. 22 '08

OH wow it says LOGO! been seeing this all this time and just figured it out.

jus kidding ;> nice work

Muamer said on Aug. 25 '08

Thank you logomotive :))) I really appreciate it...

illusio said on Sep. 21 '08


actiondesigner said on Oct. 13 '08

Easy to read. Beautifully executed. Its so nice to know how you look like ...and always with a smile :)

Muamer said on Oct. 13 '08

> illusio: Thanks!

> actiondesigner: Nice to meet you! :D > I like your design actions... Thank you*


visualperception said on Nov. 06 '08

I love it, nice work.

karimix said on Nov. 22 '08

Very nice work.

bigjerk said on Feb. 27 '09

Thumbs up.

cerise said on Mar. 11 '09

I thought I floated this ages ago ..... I am bad

Flapears said on Apr. 29 '09


cseven said on Apr. 29 '09

After looking through the site quite a bit over the past few days, this is one of my favourites. Great logo Muamer : )

Muamer said on Apr. 29 '09

Visual, Karmix, Houst, Big, Cerise, Flapears, C7 > Thanks for the feedback and for your kind words!!!


ims said on May. 04 '09

great :)

patentico said on May. 11 '09

faca! :)
great logo!

Tømme said on Jun. 12 '09

very very very nice!

dadado said on Sep. 20 '09

your face made a very cleaver logo! what else more could it be? :D Congrats for your work!

Muamer said on Oct. 17 '09

Thanks! :)

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

ha ha... Cool

ryanlynndesign said on Jan. 13 '10

Awesome. The only part I don't like is the copyright symbol, but I guess I hate those in all logos...

Muamer said on Feb. 10 '10

Thanks, Michigan & Ryan!

Rokac said on Feb. 28 '10

Really like your work muamer.
Btw congrats on 100 floats:)

ACME-DESIGN said on Apr. 03 '10

Really good!
The logo is a classic, very specific elements, very much!

hanuman shakti said on Apr. 22 '10

Yeah...that's the real one....LOGO! I like it....smart!

vironmedia said on Aug. 22 '10

Clever use of letters and shapes, although it might be too subtle for people to realist it's a logo.

kukayo said on Aug. 23 '10

Gran Trabajo!! muy limpio y bien logrado...great work!!!

icu said on Dec. 22 '10

just saw it now, absolutly briliant!!!

dotflo said on Mar. 30 '12

can't believe i didn't floated this

itsgareth said on May. 04 '12

Still great almost 4 years on :)

Muamer said on Jan. 25 '14

Thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. :)

futureform said on Oct. 16 '14

very nice! :)

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