Cow World

by Fogra • Uploaded: Apr. 09 '08
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Description: Unused idea - might use it someday.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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firebrand said on Apr. 09 '08

Nicely executed, Fogra. South America works well in the hind leg.

OcularInk said on Apr. 09 '08

Yep, definitely a great idea dude!

lifesaverservant said on Apr. 09 '08


a_lanevski said on Apr. 09 '08

moo-capalyse today!
just great

gypseemoth said on Apr. 09 '08


fogra said on Apr. 09 '08

Thanks guys.
Apologies to all countries not featured...and the very rough rendering of others :)

lifesaverservant said on Apr. 09 '08

Haha! I live in Seattle what does that say about me?

fogra said on Apr. 09 '08

Oops :D

fogra said on Apr. 14 '08

On man I can't believe that I'm actually featured and I haven't even got a proper personal logo or even a website! I feel like I'm on national TV but haven't shaved or brushed my hair :)
It's such a great honour, thanks!

firebrand said on Apr. 14 '08

Well deserved. The cow would make a nice feature graphic.

nido said on Apr. 14 '08

why not have the cow as your logo.. might as well milk it for what its worth.. better then the udder image you have at the mooment..i could go on like this till the pigs come home!

raja said on Apr. 14 '08

cmon Fogra, don't be a coward, spotlights on you, turn the pond into a pasture!

raja said on Apr. 14 '08

just checked out your showcase, wow!

firebrand said on Apr. 14 '08

I think Fogra deserves a pat on the back for all his herd work.

nido said on Apr. 14 '08

i would say even a pat on the head.. no bull!

dangeruss design said on Apr. 14 '08

Fogra~ milk this for all you can

nido said on Apr. 14 '08


fogra said on Apr. 14 '08

Wow, an awful lot has happened whilst I was away. Where do I start?!
Nice puns guys. I think you've used them all up at this stage :D
@raja: Thanks mate.
@Climax: Thanks again. I will send you a feature image soon also.

fogra said on Apr. 14 '08

@nido: Can I borrow your egg for my feature graphic? ;)

Oronoz ® said on Apr. 14 '08

Congrats Fogra!!! You have a great showcase!!! Cheers mate...n_n

fogra said on Apr. 14 '08

Thanks Oronoz, I really appreciate it.

brandsimplicity said on Apr. 14 '08

Just brand it! Great showcase by the way.

kleron said on Apr. 14 '08

Just google "world cow" and click images... I find this idea very well executed, but not so original afterall. Sorry, mate :(

Lawrence Anderson said on Apr. 14 '08

Nice catch kleron.

chanpion said on Apr. 14 '08

Congrats on the feature Fogman. You're more than worthy mate.

wilsonink said on Apr. 16 '08

really creative! :)

gthobbs said on Apr. 16 '08

A couple of people sunk it. Must be lactose intolerant. I'd love to see it without the drop shadow.

pocho954 said on Apr. 16 '08

yeah they must be, cause its really good, Very nice idea, and your showcase is awesome.

jonathanw said on Apr. 28 '08

interesting. looks cool :)

huyendesigner said on May. 10 '08

oh ! that's funny ! love it !

786_mo said on May. 14 '08

Favourited! Unused? I suggest you use it! lol very nice logo.

xykoem said on May. 16 '08

fogra, where do you live? i wanna steal yer brain...

fogra said on May. 16 '08

@xykoem: You can read my profile...

ing.matt said on May. 20 '08

I. Love. You.

Snoth782 said on May. 27 '08

Love this logo, has a great concept behind it.

sunset said on Jun. 01 '08

Wow, this is crazy how did you discover such an idea?

chungdha said on Jun. 01 '08

love it real nice cool logo.

chedah said on Jul. 06 '08

All ready seen some 35 years ago from serbian cartoonist Jugoslav Vlahovic:

toja said on Nov. 07 '08

wow what a unapparent approach to this motive ! And this is my, I did it a few years ago:

kriando said on Dec. 17 '08

nice symbol :)

baton45 said on May. 22 '09

WOW! Very nice!

joeydee said on Nov. 26 '09

U made cows looks too COOL dude ;)

epsilon said on Dec. 08 '09

So Vancouver is not the best place on Earth after all.

fogra said on Dec. 08 '09

^ At least it should be warm :)

logoses.com said on Feb. 24 '10

Great Idea!

vironmedia said on Aug. 23 '10

Great concept. I really like this one.

shaitandise├▒o said on Mar. 01 '12

Great idea. Very good logo.

jmbarrios13 said on Jun. 22 '14

is it for sale?

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