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Description: Logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. Two people being brothers ...and fortunately born on the same day. TWINS was a suitable name for the two. To reflect the essence of the duo, a bold typeface was created to reflect the boldness of their approaches. The number 2 was integrated to show the creativeness of their ideas

As seen on: http://www.twinscomms.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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OcularInk said on Feb. 16 '08

This type works better in my opinion. Nice work.

joshuwack said on Feb. 16 '08

yes, very clever. i didnt see the previous type...but this works very well.

jjjost said on Feb. 16 '08

It's ideas like this that I wish I had come up with. :)

koda240 said on Feb. 16 '08

very clever concept. Kudos to you.

Respiro said on Feb. 17 '08

Clever! Great find! :)

Lawrence Anderson said on Feb. 17 '08

Very nice. Good job.

raja said on Feb. 17 '08

a classic

smartinup said on Feb. 18 '08

awesome. this is the kind that make ya keep coming back for more.

dooms said on Feb. 18 '08

A winner!

actiondesigner said on Feb. 18 '08

Thank you very much for the kind words.

@ocularink. Agree that this type works better. Much better;-)

mebs said on Feb. 18 '08

great logo! the 2 is one of those 'hidden elements' that everyone will actually get to see.

Thomas said on Feb. 19 '08

Excellent logo.

drewboy said on Feb. 19 '08


bob sakoui said on Mar. 08 '08

Im always a fan of clever and simple.

nice one!

angelmunkie said on Mar. 20 '08


bettina said on Mar. 20 '08

Simple but VERY clever. i like it!

2dispari said on Mar. 21 '08

It's perfect, but for me you can try to make in evidence the "N-2", maybe with a different colour

actiondesigner said on Mar. 27 '08

Thanks for all the comments. Very rewarding

I have given that some thought ...making it more evident. Have been experimenting a bit with it. I feel that it looses its edge somewhat by doing so. Not that rewarding. And I feel that most people see it in a short while ...or maybe not!?! It could be an idea if used on a t-shirt or when people need to get it fast. I have some examples. Ill see what to do with them. Thanks:)

peterehat said on May. 21 '08

This one is so good! The 2 for the N is brilliant. Man, you've got a great portfolio.

actiondesigner said on May. 30 '08

Thanks for your kind words peterehat. Glad you like my work;)

NeilMcDonald said on Oct. 02 '08

Congrats on Wolda mate, another great one. :)

AlexWende said on Oct. 02 '08

Great logo for a great designer, cogratulations!

AlexWende said on Oct. 02 '08

I mean from ;D

actiondesigner said on Oct. 02 '08

Thanks guys:) Wolda was very exiting. The three-tier jurying makes me appreciate this even more. The cool thing was that based on the score, I got the 6th best logo overall. On a winning streak this past days. And you can see it all over my face:) hehe

OcularInk said on Oct. 02 '08

Congrats, dude.

Muamer said on Oct. 02 '08

Hey Action :D > Congrats on the win! :)))

ndmgfx said on Oct. 19 '08

this should have won the grand prize, i love it so much.

tkhoury said on Oct. 24 '08

soooooooooooooo cooooooool

davidairey said on Feb. 16 '09

It's a pleasure to add this to my LogoPond 'favourites'. Superb logo.

andreiu said on Nov. 28 '09

this is a classic already. great work!

movie downloads said on Aug. 25 '10

cool design. i like it

wizemark said on Aug. 26 '10

This action designer is MIA.

actiondesigner said on Aug. 30 '10

Not MIA yet, just a long deserved summer holiday!

markbrand said on Sep. 01 '10

Yes. That's great!

griddle said on Oct. 29 '10

Oh man, it actually took me some time to recognize that the letter "N" can also be read as number 2 if you tilt your head a bit. I think it's awesome!

actiondesigner said on Nov. 01 '10

Thanks griddle. Some see it right away - while others find it rewarding when they see it after a bit. A little bit FedEx about it being a bit hidden - without comparing the two

rvlt said on Nov. 05 '10

The logo is so readable that melts my brain out, sweet!

actiondesigner said on Nov. 11 '10

Thanks rvlt. Happy you like it:)

13mu said on Dec. 17 '10


mariabohner said on Jan. 02 '11

Simple but perfect! I like it

Credit CArd Factoring said on Feb. 25 '11

Very cool. Kudos.

livboeree said on May. 13 '11

Perfect logo. I like it!

marketing course gold coast said on Jun. 30 '11

A logo is a first impression. Before a customer knows anything about what you do or sell, they%u2019ll view your identity with two choices: Keep reading, or click away. On the web, that choice is made in milliseconds.

davecc said on Jul. 08 '11

Very clever! It definitely caught my attention!

nickhood said on Jul. 09 '11

Great work. I love these clever logotypes.

actiondesigner said on Feb. 02 '15

Thanks:) I've modified Clarendon. Slightly thicker serifs with more geometric rounded curves. Its also a bit more compressed. Wanted each letter to optically appear a bit more squareish to fit with the N/2. Don't know if I pulled it off but Im content:)

vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 12 '16

cool design.

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