by yelds • Uploaded: Jun. 11 '13
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Description: A logo comprising of a fox and a mail icon. Still having some troubles with type and colour.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: mailfox

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yelds said on Jun. 12 '13

Updated the colour scheme.

Gmk said on Dec. 19 '15

Can I get this logo for my start-up company?

ClimaxDesigns said on Dec. 19 '15


iconpanda said on Dec. 19 '15

Intriguing composition, I love the fox face/envelope combo!

Gmk said on Dec. 19 '15

Ok but can I ask why?

Flash-maN said on Dec. 19 '15

Nice work!

Gmk said on Dec. 22 '15

I don't need you to send the logo to me i can redesign it myself I only need the permission to use it. thx anyway

Supamario said on Dec. 22 '15

Gmk if you do that, and steal it for your own purposes then logopond will come after you. This designer put hard work into this logo not to mention its a work in progress so he may actually be using it for a business in which in this case you can be sued for copyright infringement.

Gmk said on Dec. 24 '15

Ok thanks anyway[sorry to bother anyone]

KAA said on Jan. 10 '16

Clever Logo, great work!

reillynewman said on Jan. 11 '16

Simple but great!

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